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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Running Inspiration

1. stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity
2. the state or quality of being so stimulated or aroused
3. someone or something that causes this state
4. an idea or action resulting from such a state

Most Often I am asked What Inspired me to "Change". My Weight loss Inspiration was Different from my Running "Inspiration".

My Weight loss Inspiration at first was my deep desire to stop feeling so uncomfortable. I desperately wanted to feel good. In obesity I felt tired, sick and totally uncomfortable. Uncomfortable driving, walking, being active which is something I still was even in obesity. Incredibly active but lacked the energy to fulfill my life the way I wanted. I would have to take breaks where I crashed on my bed or couch with exhaustion and collect my energy and strength to finish my days. Once I began making those changes after creating a "plan" I continued to inspire myself. With all sense of it all my Children encompasses a deeper feeling of wanting to Inspire them one day, or even be a better Me so I can be a better Mommy. So they in fact Inspired me to never stop what I started!

My Running Inspiration came from RunnerBoy. I owe that man. He Owes his Friends. Amazing to see how they inspired him and how he Inspired me and now I can Inspire You? All being paid Forward. I saw this Man fall head over heels in LOVE with Running. He wanted to do it all the time. He never said a bad thing about it. He lost weight really quickly, his 100lbs and into maintenance happened all within a year! His Inspiration fueled me with one simple thought "I am going to dedicate myself to become a Runner" Not only did I feel like building a base of at least 3.1 would make me "fit and heart healthy" but maybe I could see what all the FUSS is about!

Wow- I didn't Like Running when I started. and I'll make another post about that journey at some point in the near future-.......
What Inspired me to Keep Going? Connecting to a Great Online Running Community. Sharing, Embracing and Celebrating with myself and others. Sharing with Runnerboy. Talking about it. Moaning about it, lol
People that Can Inspire Me:
Other Healthy People
Other Runners
Those that have overcome in their life
Support Groups
Those that have Lost Weight too
My Peeps ♥
Sources of Inspiration:
Motivational Mantras

I want to share some vital messages to you, which is what inspired me to write this post.
1) If you have ever felt Inspired, I BEG You to do something with the Inspiration. Don't just let someones Drive, Dedication or Courage or Strength shake your emotions momentarily. In those moments where you actually feel enlightened or powerful enough to seek a deep desire to change and try something new or challenging, I want you to Create a Plan and Start it Immediately! Don't wait. Don't let that Inspiration fade away into nothing.
2) Be a Source of Inspiration to Others. Understand whether you have lost 5lbs and have only run 1 mile you too can Inspire another person to do the same things. Eating Healthy and Getting Fit is not set by a definitive number and is not measurable. You too can impact a person in your life to make those same healthy choices. Speak it, share it. Embrace and Share it. So Many of My Friends are So Afraid to Share it. I too know how that feels. But You should Keep Celebrating, even if by chance one farce creature decides it's annoying or a nuisance to maybe their stale life, pay that no Attention.
3) Use Your Inspiration toward Others Continue to Fuel You. You already see that you are leading by example. You are in fact allowed to journey through and make mistakes and not always be perfect. Whether you want to be or Not, You are a Role Model. If you need to Use that to Inspire you to Stay On Track with Health & Fitness then so Be it! If for No one else but even for your family/friends and most often Your own Children. Just don't ever stop!


  1. Hi Connie...So nice to hear from you...and thank you for your kind words...I am in India and yet I feel I connect with you so well...I too have PCOS and I used that as an excuse for many years after my miscarriage and divorce...I stopped looking after myself, but when I came across your page...I said enough...You have inspired me to such a great extent...I went for that health checkup...Went to the back on Metformin...I feel though my body isnt getting used to it long does it take? I am on 500mg x 2 and I feel I have been spending more time in the this time I wont give up...I know its a phase and it will pass...I have to and want to feel stronger and live longer...Thank you for everything...You are my mentor for life...Hugs from across the ocean...God Bless! :)

  2. OMG....You are Such a Sweet Person. From NY to India ♥ I accustomed to Metformin very quickly because at the same time you have to be very mindful to stay away from the Sugar/Carbs. If you eat them please go Complex like Natural and Clean Eating Anyways! I think a couple of weeks of tummy getting used to it with the intake adjustment you will be great. I took Extended Release and 1000 at night. I only took it for 6months for the purpose of getting pregnant when I was not trying to lose. Are You on Facebook? I'd Love Your Name?!