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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Move Over Lions- Lionness is in da' house! GROAR

Today , I woke up with mind, heart and body in full motion to really have the best day ever! That is called great outlook, optimism, gratitude ♥ Love, Life...all of it...Perfect.

Ok So I get to the gym and I am a little tiney stressed I wanted to run 60min today and I wanted to hit the weights in a decent form- I was a little lagging on time- a little taking my time getting ready to leave the house on a Saturday Morning. So instead of running 60min and 30min weights and no time to shower and having to get to a birthday party by 1 and still needing to buy a present- I had to do both quickly!

Now this is a tip you all you that have been following me for a while know I like to do interval training between cardio and weights. Like I love it. But I tend to stick to speed work on these sorts of work-outs too- Just to earn my "Bad'Ass" status for the day, lol

So today lots of boys in the gym- I aint got time for the stares- I am in there for me- not you boys- I gotz me a man- and he is Perfect - ha!

Anyways! I am an athlete- I deserve that room and I am going to work my ass off right next to the other Lions and they can piss all over their den if they want- but they WILL share that equipment and they will give me respect- If not - My Lioness Side might come out- bwahaha! I just say that cause they want to hog machines and when I want to do a quick set or two they want to claim the are in the middle of super setting- I can care less- you are breaking for 2 minutes between sets- let me in there for a minute- I'll put things back where you had them- that's called good gym etiquette!

Besides do you realize how bad- ass it is to lift and be a runner- like seriously? I do both baby - so watch out- cause you boys might lift but my guns might be just as big and THEN I can run circles around you all day LONG! BOOM!

Ok, Ok, I'm like ridiculously hyper today :)

20lbs bicep curls 10 reps - 2 sets
90lbs tricep pulldowns- 10 reps - 2 sets
8:15 Mile for One Mile
25lb bicep curls 10 reps- 2 sets
100lbs tricep pulldowns- 10 reps - 2 sets
8:00 mile for 1.5 miles
25lb bicep curls 10 reps - 2 sets- starting to feel it and so I knew 6 sets was good today!
120lb tricep pulldowns- 10 reps - 1 set
110lb tricep pulldowns- 10 reps- 1 set
15lb tricep throwbacks- I really need to go for 20lbs on these - they are too easy now

THEN...... I trained at my desirable new 5k race pace of 7:20 and I was able to hold it for 1.5 miles and ran out of time- and I was ok with that- lol- I am ok totally with walking away NOT dead from that pace for 1.5 miles- I am so Hopeful RunnerGirls- I just felt so Amazing at this pace and it's so mental and my body was so on cue with energy and fluid- open wings for sure!

Breakfast: Banana/coffee - 100cals

Lunch: Greek Yogurt - 140cals *on the go on the way to the b- day party- I did NOT eat pizza, chips, pretzals, cheese balls, cake, ice-cream* Lol- Omg- see- I knew what was there- but I didn't even want to it :) Control, Gotta love Control when Life is Out of Control, hey that's my theory!

Snack: Small Apple - 60cals 3 slices of thinly sliced low sodium deli ham and one skim cheese stick - 100cals

Dinner- Fish Fillet, Scallops, few bites of my kids mac & cheese - Not sure- Scallops are good for us- but they are very caloric and they are very high sodium. From what I remember of calorie counting this food back in the day- the fish is about 300cals- I don't eat the bread - and the scallops is around 500 I think ? or maybe it's 35o? oh shizzy, I'll go google. ok so it's 385 calories and almost 900 mg of sodium- see that I remember, lol!! yikes! for 6 lil pcs! So why do I eat them? They are actually really great source of protein and selenium and they have no carbs! Some ketchup- 15cals- some tartar- 30cals, that mac was just a couple of bites but I'll easily call that 50 cals.

Snack at home-
Cherrio- 150
Dark Chocolate- 200

Todays Cals: 1560

negatives to my eating- On the go- wasn't home all day- I hate that- I hate that I've been so busy lately that I never seem to be able to eat as clean as I want- I bought 200 dollars in groceries yesterday for the week and well I barely ate any of it, lol- gah! Where is my vegetable? I really need to lay off the dark chocolate- I'm way too obsessed with it-lol

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