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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

14 Miler LR for Marathon #3

See how Excited and Eager I am to Wake up??? LMAO!!

Yes, that's me....Pretty different from HOTT Sexy Black Dress Connie from Yesterday? Lmao!! I wake up pretty scary daily- it's how I greet myself in the mirror every morning- hair so crazy and my morning crank often matches- well till I have my coffee- haha!

I was eager to start my day- I knew it would be fun- I was still tired though, despite getting 7 hrs of sleep!

One Egg, wheat teast

3 kiddie showers done
1 son hair cut

2 more slices of wheat with natural jam and more Mojo (coffee) and then out for my 14 miler.

Lots of Gorgeous Sunshine- blue skies. I wore shorts and a shirt- a little chilly but it warmed up nicely- Actually Record High Day here in CNY with 67 degrees! Strong head wind coming from the South and it held me back and kept me going slower than race pace. which I've decided that my M.P. will be 8:30 goal but I'll run my slow runs till my first 20 about 30 seconds slower and keep these runs Fun for me. I work so hard during the week with intervals and hills I really don't want to ever not look foward to my long runs. 2 hrs and 5 mins for my 14 miler - 8:57 pace. Elevation accent= 855 ft. I wanted to share too as I went back to review my training this time last year for my First Marathon- this training run was done at a 10:35 pace! Nice Progression for one year- lots of hard work- lots of running and miles and experience learned!
Miles 1-5 pretty flat- then Mega Hills and the last 3 were pretty flat too.

Skunked at mile 10- lol- thejoys of running counry side!
I won't lie the last hill was a freakin' doozie- my calves were feeling a little tapped- I wished it weren't so- glad I didn't push pace today- I may have zonked early- I looked down at my watch and was going a 11:30 pace toward the top of that hill- Holey Haites- GGRR!! lol- that is tough running! I freakin' loved it though! Made me FEEL ALIVE ~ !!

I ran from my home out a Major State Route. I was actually running toward the Outlet Mall and Runnerboy and my Twinkies would pick me up and go shopping for our Easter/Spring Pictures Today. So that's what we did- funny he showed up a few minutes early- and I told him I had another 1.5 miles to go. I told him I was super thirsty (I didnt run with fuel or hydration on this run...which is very normal for me- I tend to only hydrate and fuel for anything over 14-15miles) but he said "Too bad- guess you have to hurry up and finish" Bwahahaha- fucker! I said it too! then he sped off in his hot ram. Redemption was picking me up and I quickly hydrated and quick carbed with

This is a Great Re-fuel option - I was on the go- I am lactose intolerant so maybe typical gas station chocolate milk not the best option for me- this bottle was 150 calories and lots of quick sugar which included 38 carbs! All Natural- no fake sugars - that was gone in literally 30 seconds along with another 10 oz of water!
Post Fuel once we got to the outlet mall was a Subway 6" wholewheat honey oat- light mayo - loaded with every veggie they had- turkey breast and some red wine Vinegar- Wow- AMAZINGLY YUMMY!! I wanted to link you quickly on the benefits of Red Wine Vinegar!

I bought some Clearance Running Gear at the Outlet- SCORE- 2 shirts for 13bucks total! Loving this Bargain Shopping ;-)
Pictures this evening with Friends and my lil family- I had a Great time- then out to dinner where I had Grilled chicken on whole wheat and broccoli- I was a tad sinful and had 2slices of baco and swiss cheese on top- truthfully I felt no fear - I burned 1800 calories today- surely 2 slices of bacon and some swiss cheese is great moderation in this lifestyle.
I wanted to share for the First time ever I saw Salt Crystal chunks in my hair today - typically I can get salty after long runs- today was a whole another level- pretty darn amazing to see my hair so filled with salt! No wonder my hair is so dry all the time- poor hair.
Snack tonight- popcorn & dark chocolate and greek yogurt
What a Great Day in my life!
Here are some family pics!

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