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Monday, March 5, 2012

CCRG Group Fitness

Today I had a Blast with a Couple CCRG's that I met at the gym- to say the least- and they know- I like leading them- it totally Geeks Me Out- Like Seriously- I want to train these girls and make them sweat- dig and truthfully beg me to stop the work-out....I tried today- we broke rhythm a few times but we still had a decent work-out and here is how we got it done today!

20min on the treadmill- warm up - get the heart rate going- step into fat burning mode before we hop onto the track and start some other work. I managed a walk for .6 miles and then some running up to my new 5k race pace (7:20) for a little while- I really am eager to hit a 5k training run maybe this week? but my focus is on my 14 miler on Wednesday- so we will see how my recovery falls this week to get that done!

Upper Track at the gym- 19 laps is a mile- OMG- ROUND-ROUND-ROUND-ROUND- Can you believe I see runners do upward of 6+ miles going around and around like that- and they think the treadmill is torture? you run straight for like 5 seconds - lol- I can't do it for long- give me a treadmill- PLEASE!

1 lap recovery
1 lap sprint
1 lap recovery
1 lap sprint
1 lap recovery
Down the spiral stairs- to the end of the hall at the gym up 2-3 flights of stairs- up to a room where we drop and do planks, side planks, push ups, sit ups

*repeat all that ↑ 4x*

Then I took a RunnerGirl to the weight room and just showed her some options to work her core and some simple weight routine exercises- so that was really fun for me!

I spent 2hrs at the gym today- it went by really fast with friends!
The Best Part is the Cat calls and ass slapping- guess you just got to be there! haha!

Ever Get a chance to work out with friends- get a group together and try it- I was excited to do this routine with more than one friend- tmrw we may have a group of 4 of us working out- they have me nervous- I have a 14 miler Wednesday- but I have this sick desire to just make them sweat and work - so I'm thinking hard tonight our routine for tmrw! Ye-ha! ♥

I never posted foods 2 days ago- I'm sorry I was tired- yesterday btw- was a rest day- I had no choice in the matter really- I spent the day with my kids- then off to college and then home where the ice dictated the demise of running outside- all of sudden winter wants to try to hold onto NY as we get into Spring! But no worries It's supposed to be 60 on Wednesday for my 14 miler- I plan on doing a run and then showering and taking my kids to do a photo shoot for Easter :)
Wednesday is going to be Boom'Tastic!

Foods Today:

Whole wheat
tsp all natural pb (this is becoming my fast go to breakfast- I literally eat it out the door and in the van on the way to dropping off my daughter at school and heading to the gym!)

Canned Salmon
Lowfat mayo
fresh spinach
lowfat whole grain bread roll
1/2 slice 2% cheese
8 oz almond milk
1 scoop Jillian Michaels Whey protein

whole wheat tortilla
1/2 slice 2% cheese
corn/beans frozen mix shoved into tortilla with cheese
1 cup of squash
1 orange
Long Run Cake Bites- *see today's blog post* These turned out so good!

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