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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Mountain Goat Training Run #1

I am training for Mountain Goat May 6th (as well as my May Marathon #3) Moutain Goat is a 10 mile Hilly Run
Here is the elevation chart

I ran this Event for the First Time Last Year- After Watching my Runnerboy Run it the year before. Having only run upward of 4 miles- I KNEW and claimed that course then for 2011- Fighting a soft tissue foot injury and some major side stitching- I managed this course in 1:38 last year for a 9:50 pace. I am totally aiming for Silver Medal (sub 1:20) Time- but I know that I'll be earning my Bronze for time (sub 1:30) for sure- No Excuses!

I did 3 hill repeat training sessions outside in January/Early February- but nothing like working a hard hill repeat routine on the treadmill and here is how she went down.

1/2 mil walk/run warm up

Then I just plugged a 9:50 pace into the treadmill (steady slow- see where I am at and start progressing pace/inclines in the weeks and subsequent training runs to come) obviously this is an incredibly tender pace but when working hills at the beginning of my training I'm not looking to kill myself day 1 especially since coming back from the knee tendonitis. Playing this safer.

6.1 (9:50) treadmill setting with Inclines at the % grade listed below

600m- Warm Up
300m- 5%
300m Recovery
300m- 6%
300m- Recovery
300m- 7%
300m- Recovery
300m- 8%
300m- Recovery
300m- 9%
300m- Recovery
300m- 8%
150m- Recovery
150m- 7%
150m- Recovery
150m- 6%
150m- Recovery
150m- 5%
300m- Cool Down

Ok- So details- I decided to ladder up with the BEST of intentions on being able to ladder down with 300m hills- but I had to cut them short- I was just really pushing myself today- I loved it- sorta sick how I wanted the full 300 but I just couldn't.

My right quad today was so sore again- it wraps around the right knee (you know THE KNEE) And if you touch the quad it's MAD- it's so sore - it hurts to poke- Thankfully and Blessed that the knee itself does not hurt to move but it hurts to touch the top of it- like it's all sore to touch - this pain is identical to post marathon pain- so maybe the half and then not enough recovery has left me uber sore. lol- self torture at it's finest!

no worries my CCRG's I'm not running tmrw :) Maybe weights if I can squeeze it in- my focus tomorrow is all school work at the college all day :)

egg -70
whole wheat toast -60
Coffee- 35


Panera Bread for Lunch with Runnerboy & Peeps
Fuji Apple Salad -560
Cheddar Broccoli Soup-300
(ok so I am shocked that came out to 860- I thought for sure it was like 600)

Afternoon coffee out (4 sugar 6 creamer) yes liquid crack- 150

1 cup broccoli - 60
whole grain roll- 120
poultry sausage - 150
onion/peppers- 20

Total Today: 1560

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