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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interval Fun

1/2 mile warm up

3 miles in 24min with a 60/90/30 second intervals with recoverys.

Felt GREAT- Had FUN!

After I hit the legs with some strength training-

170 lb leg press x 20
70lb leg press each leg x20

70lb quad curls x20
30lb each quad x 10

85lb abductor x 15
145 adductor x 10

50lb hamstrings both legs x10
20lb hamstring each leg x10

75lb obliques x20

B: whole wheat, tsp all natural jam

L: Whole wheat, tbsp natural pb, tsp natural jam
chobani greek yogurt

D: Whole Wheat tortilla, plain greek, grilled chicken breast, avocado, fresh spinach, oz lowfat mozz cheese, kiwi,

protein - all natural whey , almond milk

popcorn, dark chocolate

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