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Friday, February 3, 2012

secretly driving me NUTS

Ok, Ok, Ok!!!

Secretly driving me NUTS that I have not blogged. I have blogged almost daily since July- and here I am giving up the one thing I'm so used to!

I was thinking- I almost love the accountability to myself even for re-calling my work-outs and my foods for the day- seeing it written down is a gauge for where I am at. It allows me to focus- think about my progress- sort through my thoughts on what I've done and where I want to keep going-

So Toss that dumb idea to forgo my blogging daily- I NEED IT!

Wednesday Fitness:
5 mile run-
Small hit of the arms- they were NOT ready to be worked- Monday I crushed the weights and I was still store- I tried- managed just one set of triceps and 3 sets of biceps and hit the obliques and that was it! Toast- Done- Fried!

Thursday- 1hr yoga in the AM & Street Run- 30 minutes in the PM- wished I felt like it was easy- my heart rate wasn't crazy and my breathing was good- I was trying to really push myself- I just wished this pace felt easier today that's all- I'm not really sure why I'm shocked and think this pace for a normal 3.7 miles is supposed to feel so 'good' hello it's an 8:11 pace- think about where I came from!

zero breakfast- fail! got up late- even though I actually went to bed early! hate when that happens- rare but it does

post Yoga-banana

whole wheat mini roll
2 slice of turkey
organic ranch - just a dab to flavor the sandwich

poultry sausage

snack- Greek yogurt- popcorn- dark chocolate

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