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Monday, February 6, 2012

1.5 Hrs then 4 mile run

7 whole hours of sleep- yep!! Ah- after only 3.5 the night before- sleep never felt so perfect- I slept solid. Thank Goodness- I spent my Entire Day Smiling- Life Just feels so Perfect for Me Right Now ♥

1.5 hr weight lifting session this morning and I'll my best to break it all down again- trying get a hit at different muscles over- all not super setting or anything- just a hit at the muscles to keep the tone-

Little bummed I didn't' get in last week what I needed to for my muscles- felt like I actually lost something with so many days off- been a good 5 days since I seen weights- BOO-

But I will say by the end of you reading this- I was SWEATING- and super pumped :) I really want to share that I love that I can burn/sweat and get my heart rate while doing my weights now- huh- I like weight lifting adrenaline rushes- !!!

25lbs bicep curls 3 sets of 10 *struggling on last set* see, lost some*
20lbs bicep curls 1 set till burn-out
110lbs tricep pull downs one set 10
120lbs tricep pull downs one set 10
130lbs tricep pull downs one set of just 6 (couldn't even get to 8 - ugh) not happy!
15lb hammer squats 3 sets (actually one set was with 20lbs)
10lb lateral raises to the front /sides
15lbs reverse bent over triceps 3 sets of 10
20lbs superset (bicep curl and then over head raise to work the shoulder) for one full set

Inclined bench - 20 sit ups on incline with 10lb medicine ball

Off the freeweights and into the Cybex Machines

70 lb obliques - taking them nice and slow feeling the burn - 1 set
80lb tricep dips- one set
70lbs abdominal press - one set of 30
110lbs pull downs ( I wanted to go more but not for the shoulder!) one set
110lb row - one set

Gravitron- my shoulder did a small scream- not worth it - but I did do one set on the gravitron with some tricep dipping-

210lbs leg press for one set of 10
180lbs leg press for one set of 10
70lbs leg press each leg - for one set of 20

Quad Curls-
70lbs both legs one set of 20
30lb each quad one set of 10 (my right quad is so sore!)

Hamstrings- 50lbs together- 20 alone- one set each

Treadmill- 1/4 mile walk - 1/2 mile light jog- seeing how I feel after Saturdays Half Marathon and PR - feel great so I stopped knowing I was going to run this evening.


This Evening I went for a Run-
Skirt- light wind coat- blue Sky & sunshine, unseasonable warm about 45-50' degrees- I felt so happy to be running- so happy that just after mile 2 I took off the headphones and just enjoyed the run even more- to be apart of such a special winter day was that special to me-
I met my family at the lake and I played with my kids at the playground.
4 miles 35 mins- avg pace 8:50- I knew my pace was slower as I glanced down seeing 9 min pace at often 9:20 I was ok with that- this is a recovery run- I was having fun- it was beautiful and I had No qualms about going slower- I did open up my stride the last mile so my hips stay open- I hit my pace just fine- but secretly wished I ran without my watch so I didn't see my pace - lol-

This evening sticking & foam rolling and stretching!

organic egg
1/2 slice 2% cheese
Whole wheat mini bun (70cals)

Green Monster Shake (spinach, almond milk, Anutra (omegas, fiber- like flaxseed),1/2 small banana- 1.5 cups of fresh spinach, tbsp of all natural pb)
slice of whole wheat (tsp of all natural pb and all natural jam)

home-made pizza
100 calorie triple health English muffin, tbsp marinara sauce, 1oz of lowfat mozz
1/4 cup of cabbage boiled with some spread and pinch of sea salt

Greek Yogurt
dark chocolate

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  1. Wow, awesome sets of weights. It's good to fit in time with family. Nice run. Thanks for keeping me motivated. Ran a quick 3.35 miles with my daughter. Weight training tomorrow. Starting back up slow. I have pain behind my right heel.