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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Day Before the Half Marathon!


I wanted to catch up and post an update from this weeks training.

Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday- 5.25 miles with my Running Club
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 30min Run

I'm feeling really excited and Ready for Race Day Tmrw.

Today I rest and I plan out my clothes, stalk the weather (which will be a True NY Winter Day- Snow and cold 32' , deep clean my castle for the babysitter tmrw!

I need to re-arrange music on the player

I'm hydrating counting at least 80 oz of fluids today- so I can go fluid light tmrw morning! I have plans on peeing totally clear by the end of the night, lol
(at 1pm I am only 42 oz in ) so I think I'll hit goal for water and maybe try for 100 oz

I have plans to soak in the tub tonight and be in bed by 10pm and up by 7am

Dinner Tonight will be 1 cup of tortellini and asparagus ♥

My Thoughts before this Race- Spiritually I'm feeling Humbled. Back in October I couldn't run. My knee and tibia wouldn't let me. Knee tendinitis that occured during my October Marathon left me wounded and I never stopped fighting to come back - I worked hard to keep up my cardio - I embrace cross training- I began lifting obsessively and I got into Insanity and TRX and Spinning. I jogged halls and run up and down stairs for hours a week trying to keep up my cardio. I remember when I was able to run a mile then 15minutes and then 20 - I was stuck at 20min runs for weeks- before the pain forced me stop. I cried tears and I worried myself to an oblivion about my recovery - I wondered if I lost my running wings. My Fear was Deep and Real.
The only way I could run was FAST (well faster than my last Marathon Race Pace which was a 9:15) but none the less - What I see now it has prepared me to get faster - it was like hitting the re-set button my running. I basically was running alot of 8min miles and slowly in time gained an endurance at the pace and slowed it down a bit as I started hitting runs over an hour. Here I am- Fully healed with my knee. It still clicks. I still get aches. I still have hip clicking and ITB flare ups - I still have tibial rotation that I hope continues to correct itself as I venture into Marathon Training - but I'm hopeful (and yes still a little scared of the knee) as I push beyond this Half Marathon this week and start hitting up my Long Runs for Marathon.
But I'm not there yet- so I'm not at all letting any of those thoughts yes to consume me or scare me away from my goals.
In essence I have had only 1 month of distance running to prepare for this race- I was able to get in 2 Ten Mile Runs and I ran a Mock Half Marathon 2 weeks ago in the Winter Cold for 1:50 - but that was hilly and that included light stops. This route will be flat and a double loop- so more mentally challenging and potentially challenging on the calves on a flat course.

So I'm just Humbled. I'll have wings tomrw. No matter my pace, my heart will be light filled with nothing but positivity and love for all in my life right now is clean and pure. The people in it love me. I have no drama weighing me down. I don't have negativity eating away at me. My spirit is Free and I'm ready to open up explore myself on this Race- I'm ready for the Challenge to push myself to the point where I can create some race excitement and embrace the full notion that I know that potentially I could hit a time tmrw on this race I never knew could be possible.

I have control today for tmrw and tmrw I'll let go of all control and I'll run STRONG - I'll think and be a Champion. I'll Run in my Heart Like an Elite in my Own Right and I'll own this Race no Matter my Time or Pace! With that Said- I am NOT wearing a timing device. The race will be inside my Heart and Drive to Just simply Run as Strong and Powerful as I can and I will forever be Grateful for my Running Wings.

I am so Excited to be able to Run with RunnerBoy- This Man drives me insanely Crazy - his drive and push inspires me all the time. I share a passion of Running with him and that just always draws us closer. There is Nothing I love More than to Fall into his Arms Tmrw after this Run ♥ Thanks RunnerBoy - I am so Ready for our Date !

I am Excited to be able to Share this Day tomorrow with RunnerGirls that I adore, Spending time with them, watching them smile and sharing in the experience is going to be so much fun for me! All I can think about is my Camera- how will I get pictures of us beyond my stinky cell phone camera, lol-

I have plans to cross the finish line- hurry up and hydrate and throw back a food and change quickly into dry/warm clothes and hurry back to the finish line so I can watch my friends cross!

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