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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Half Marathon Today- Paced PR

Today I ran 13.1 as a paced half marathon- longest run since marathon and injury in October-
1:50:42 = 8:27 per mile on average
Secretly nervous that I jumped from 10 to 13 but I truly believe my legs could handle it- once an endurance runner- always an endurance runner.
Happily reporting the knee never had pain- a tiny niggle wiggle for like one minute at some point- but it went away-
The Calves got mad after 10 miles and they felt like at any point they could clam up and get tight and seize up on me- so glad they didn't! When I hit a stop light- I would do heal toe stretches of the calves in hopes to just flex the muscle and warn off any potential calve screams.
I did a somewhat modest hilly course- I surely could have found way to run as flat as possible- but when I am for endurance runs- I like to go the route of my 20 miler- it's mostly open route- without much thought of searching after traffic and getting run over- so I like to just lose myself out on the highways during runs- some people like neighborhood running and that's fine and dandy for my short runs- but open runs I worry less about dogs/ prowlers, creeps and feel safer in the open. I still carry mace/pocket knife for protection and surely I'd kick ass if someone messed me no matter where I am at- just can never be too safe-or cautious.
Mile 10 some kid on a bmx almost took me out- on purpose I'll never know- he rounded the corner swerved to avoid me but just before coming up on me- swerved back at me- just enough time to jump off the side walk and *cover your ears now if you are modest* I screamed "What the FUCK Asshole" aaahhh' that felt good- the little fucker- dang- don't worry about just getting run over by cars or pedestrians (who don't like to move and hog the sidewalk) but by punk bmx boys :-/
anyways- on my loop back toward my hope I stopped threw back a GU and some water just after mile 8 and finished.
I hate street running when I'm trying to do paced runs- it just equates to alot of stopping at lights- traffic- blah, blah, blah- it's constantly stopping and going again- and catching my pace and rhythm but I made a point today to run strong and not too hard too hard- I wanted to be comfortable- but still pushing enough to where I'm trying to fall into my new pace for longer runs of 8:20- 8:30 and I managed to do just that- so I'm thrilled BEYOND BELIEF if my consistency- even with traffic some elevation gains (250ft reports the garmin) and my knee held up and I'm just feeling simply blessed tonight-
weather- modest wind- 34 degrees- wore one layer and wind coat- base layer u/a pants and the light gear was perfect- it was really a super day- sun and some clouds and I just loved it so much!
Recovery- greek yogurt- hot shower- cup of whole wheat pasta- sauce- 4 home-made turkey meatballs and 1 slice of whole wheat bread with oz of mozz cheese melted on top (my ghetto Texas cheese toast- remember? haha!)
tonight- munching on salty pretzels and dark chocolate minis :) ♥
Food today-
100 calorie triple health English muffin
1/2 slice 2% cheese
pre - run & lunch- oatmeal wtih flax/cranberry
trust me it was a light day- but yesterday was rest- and I likely ate about 2200-2400 cals and I just felt like a bottomless pit - haha- I wasn't even that hungry- but I just kept eating- I do partially admit I think some of it was to keep me awake- I was so dam tired! I hated resting yesterday- it was a tough rest day for me- I wanted to hit the weights but I'm trying to back off- my arms were still sore from Monday and small hit from Wednesday still left me sore- wtf? !

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