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Monday, February 13, 2012

5 & 4 PCOS Rant

5 on saturday- was supposed to be a ten miler- I tried to outrun a headache that became noticable once I started running- and never went away- I suffered through- conditions were cold and windy and wore my screw shoes- ok pace- hated taking two days off of running- it never does me good unless I'm peaking with more mileage.

4 on Sunday- conditions were Tough- white out squalls- totally earned my winter warrior princess badge on that run- almost a foot of snow- pretty indeed but still risky road conditions- fell off the sidewalk and gave the left foot a major twist-

The Foot is unhappy today- slight strain-

My energy is depleted. I was trying to really sort why I am so in the dumps with mood/energy and why I'm craving carbs so badly- finally d'uh realizing It's probably my pcos- every few months I get a ravenous odd week during mid cycle were I just don't feel right. I'm just tired- depleted- feeling like I could eat all day long- super carbs- super eating- I'm up a few lbs just from eating in just a few days- I feel it when I run- so I'm trying to catch myself before I fall. It happens at the same time that I had two 'untypical' meals for me and that sodium and extra calorie/food intake makes my body scream a big old WTF!!

I miss eating lean- I miss eating light- confession: I typically go potty just once a day- I've been eating so much I go potty almost every time I eat (to make room ...BOO) TOTAL TMI- but I like sharing TMI cause as much as I totally cringed at the weight gain in one week- I know its not just fat but fuller bowels, muscle soreness from harder recovery from sore arms/legs.

anyways- Was going to do my ten miler tonight- BUT I Did NOT- I just couldn't I just can't get my umph to get this one done- I need sleep in the worst way- 5 hrs last night and I felt like I only slept 2! I tried going to bed at 8pm last night runnerboy woke me up 2x -GGGRRR so then he falls asleep and I lay awake for hours ....GAH!! 2:30 AM CAME FAST and so did 7:15 when the alarm starting going off!

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