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Saturday, February 18, 2012

1hr timed run

I was thinking I was going to aim for 8 (I love creating my own run plan- so much flexibility, lol) but once I started running I was feeling so GREAT and and midway through RunnerBoy told me he was not feeling his run and stopped at mile 5 and I was starting to think as much as I felt great- I though I'd be done as well but he opted to hop on the elliptical so that encouraged me to go at least 5 but then I said "that is not enough for how great I feel" I was running race pace of 8:13-8:27 the entire run-
I had deep desire to run really fast- but I held control and kept race pace- and when I wanted a flare of fast I went 8:18 which is a 7.3 on the tready and when I felt a little normal and backing off I went down to 7.1 on the tready which is the 8:27 pace.
Once I hit 6.65 though I cranked the treadmill to an 8:3 which is sub 7:30 pace and I just ran hard and fast till I hit the 60min mark so I ended my run with 7.25 miles :)
Dam, What a great run- even if I wanted to ditch it cause the treadmill was OH SO BORING to me today!

Went downstairs and did small hit of the biceps/triceps- nothing fancy at all- just enough to keep some tone- till I can get back to schedule with my arms!

20lbs reps of 12 for 3 sets
10lbs lateral raises
15lb reverse tricep rows
some shoulder work

again nothing fancy!

Got the TOM of the month today, joy, joy!

Breakfast- egg, egg white, slice of low sodium bacon, triple health english muffin, coffee

Post run- apple

L: slice of whole wheat bread- tbsp all natural jam, tbsp all natural pb

s: 1/2 cup of multi-grain cherrios

D: 3 oz poultry sausage, 1/2 cup of cous cous, 1 cup of brussel sprouts/broccoli

S: Boom Boom Bars

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