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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lake Effect Half Marathon Race Re-Cap

Time: 1:55:43 (8:50 pace)
124 out of 415 Runners
30 out of 209 Females
10 out of 35 Age Group (30-34)

Event Pictures: OMG_ check these out!

32' (1' c)
24mph WNW Winds
35mph Gusts
Snow Accumulation
Wind Drifts
Under Armor Compression Pants
LiveStrong compression Tank with built in bra shelf
Layer 8 Wick
Under Armour Cold Gear Hoodie
Under Armour Socks
Nike Triax 13's with Screws
Nike Gloves
Apple Ipod Shuffle

•Gu in the Freezing Cold- Gets HARD- lmao - Next time Gu goes in my between my breasts to stay warm! haha!
•I tried Drafting for the very first time- FAIL- It makes me feel like I'm going too slow- well they were- so I passed them
• Don't drop your gloves
•Don't drop your cell phone

• Positive Thinking is Everything in a Race- I never thought or felt negative and so this Race was very Tolerable! I felt like a Champion!
• Watch for the Race Winners to pass on loops - I yet again achknowledge how much energy I can draw from how strong they are running- it really inspires me!
• Eat Well & Train Hard - it Really Pays off. I'm coming out of knee tendonitis and I lay here aching/throbbing in recovery but I never had pain today- My Energy on this Race was so Amazing and I'm confident for this Years Runninng if I can a 1:55 with so much ease- I have NO doubts I can aim for around a 1:45 this year!
•I still Take NO shame in snot rockets! bwahahaha- My sinus Drip is rediculous in the cold and I proved I have no shame in a race- HA!

Yesterday in Preparation- I totally relaxed all day- actually my ass stayed implanted on the couch totally scoping out the weather and being Lazy- actually the day before I was away from my home for a 12 hour day- so to be lazy and do nothing was so perfect- not too often you'll ever hear me do that! Oh Gosh I loved it. I rested, I hydrated- I mentally prepared.
In Bed by 12:30 am and up at 7am- oatmeal and coffee and back in bed till 8am. Hot shower and dressed and out the door by 9am (on top of taking care of 3 peeps- got to love race mornings!)

We picked up two friends and took the drive over to LiverPool NY and we Took the NYS Thruway and White out Conditions with a Lake Effect Band that left inches and ice left us going 20-25mph for about 10 miles. I started to question a timely arrival for the 10:30 am event.

But we got there by about 10:15

Pee Lines

Start Up- RunnerBoy found me- Kissed each other Good Luck and away we went.
The first 3 miles is North. Strong Head Wind- Path is pretty clear- we think they put down salt and it seemed to work for the first 3 down. Intermittent slush but it was snowing as we headed out. The wind was pretty bad even for the first three down. It was hard to find pace in the head wind- it was hard to catch my breath- I started to stitch and it wasn't from my pace- it was from my form- quickly the eyebrows ice up and the eyelashes fill with snow.

Turn around and go back to the start- the wind is our at back *except on some minor turns in the course* but I took this opportunity to make up pace.
At the 1/2 Mark I wanted to see a 55min or under to be on track for a sub 1:50 time however it was 55:49 (8:30 pace- so I was on track) - but I was ok with that- with the conditions I knew I had no control (Many elites may laugh in my face as they held 5min pace in those conditions, lol)

Now we go back into the 3 mile route in the head wind and this time this loop is a stark contrast - an hour has gone by- the snow has accumulated- there is ice and drifts of snow- the wind is just as powerful as ever and I feel as I push forward that the wind is just holding me back- I try to pay close attention to form and get into my zone.
On the way back for the last 3 miles- I try to Gu and it's like frozen- I walk and squeeze out hard Gu and try to wash it down with literally frozen water, lol- Wow- that was like ridiculous.

I am happy to be back to the wind against my back.
I count 8 people that I pass on my second loop- I feel like I'm racing a 5k on the last loop despite the road conditions that still slowed me down- I still had loads of energy - my head held high- running a great clip
**Mind you this is Running on the Fly- I did NOT time this Event with a watch- I did glance at my cell phone once and I then I lost it and it went flying into the snow - lol - but I did really great considering I had no timing device! **

My Second Loop I slowed but it was certainly from the 3 into the Wind that likely had me going a 9:30 shuffle or something. Anyways with my second loop my averaged pace was 9:09 - had I held pace in the Northern Wind I would have come close- but I can't help the Weather- I wanted to fight against the wind but I won't lie to you- I battled the runnergirl thought of really pushing against this and risk losing my ability to open up on the way back- so I told myself to get comfortable and try to be fast with out forcing and then make it up on the way back - I'd bet I was running a 9:30 on the way out and and a 8:30 on the way back in -

The Race was for a Great Cause- the money goes to to which I'm a board member of. I know the Race Director of the Race it was Great to See his Dram to Put on a Race come to Reality - now he can focus on Boston and plan for bigger better for next year!

I got to watch friends become Half Marathoners Today - I loved that. I handed out so many High Fives to several RunnerGirls, I watched them cross the finish line- * hey lisa - I spanked you on the way back through- I know you were in the head wind and were digging- but that was me that spanked your booty on the way by- haha! I saw RunnerGirls that I met on Facebook - Ladies that I met and Run a Marathon With- Another I met a half Marathon last year- and lots more people that I saw. What I'm loving is the Running Community- the sharing and embracing- so much Fun for me! I suppose that's what I love about Auburn, NY Running Club- the Joy of Running being Shared!
Great Job Everybody!

He totally impressed me- He really held pace really well and this man is so Dang Warrrior! 1:42 for his time on his first official half for himself *not pacing me* and well he did GREAT- We are both super pleased with his time considering these conditions- I am really proud of him- ♥

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  1. Congrats - that's an amazing time for you (and for your hubby!) given these wintry conditions! Good job!!!!