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Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Michelle- CCRG Success - 107lbs lost

Meet Michelle, I met her online over a year ago. She was a Runner and I watched as she ran all the time just for the pure need and joy of it. It wasn't till much later in my journey as she watched me with some of mine that she shared that she too lost alot of weight (107+lbs!!) and runs all the time! I had Joy hearing all about her training and becoming a Marathoner! I am excited to do the same thing this year. She is an Amazing Woman and Mommy ♥ A great Running friend to have!

My Story: Hi! My name is Michelle and I'm a food-aholic! Yes, addicted to food and yes, there is such a thing!! I had lost myself to being lazy and working too much so before I knew it I was overweight. After the births of my daughter's I realized that I wanted to become a healthy example for them in hopes of breaking the food issue cycles that are in my family!
So, I began to exercise, starting with alternating between speed walking and running, slowly decreasing the walking and increasing the running. I believe in baby steps, because they are easier to take, commit to and make into habits.
The food was a different story! I tried to keep a food journal, but it didn't really work for me. I wanted to get back to what food was meant to do, fuel our bodies, so I aimed to eat healthy, smaller portions and moderation. I don't believe in diets! Forbidding yourself from having something just sets you up for binging on that item, sets you up for failure. It's about moderation!!
I did a lot of praying for strength, endurance, discipline, self control. I would stumble but always got back up. I read all the health magazines I could and took in every tip, advice and example that I could find. Whenever discouragement came along, I would force myself to focus on being healthy because I knew the weight would follow.
So, it took me a year to lose 100 pounds and another 7 pounds fell off within 2 more weeks. To celebrate, I signed up for my first half marathon. Somehow along the way I caught the running bug! I went from not really loving it to loving it, craving it and needing it! It helps me in so many ways other then weight! I can take out my stress, frustrations while running. I can pray while running. I have met some amazing people because of running! Running is for me, the one thing I have for me, which in my world is important (I take care of my 5yr old autistic daughter that is sorta nonverbal and then a typical 3yr old).
Now, I'm learning to maintain in the midst of some stressful situations, but I made lifestyle changes, so they aren't going away just because life gets crazy, stressful, and busy. You just adjust! I have a full marathon and a half marathon coming up in June, plus many 5ks. I hope to get in another half before the end of the year. My goal is to be in my 70's and still running 5ks and half marathons. Which if I keep running, stretching, strength training and eating healthy then I will be. So, to you I would say, nothing is impossible. If you want it, get it. No excuses!! I'm just an ordinary 32 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend, and runner! If you are curious about my numbers, the highest I ever got was 312 pounds, but I was 281 when I began this journey. I have been running for 3 years!! And I have maintained my weightloss for 2 years. Quitting is not an option!!


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  2. Thanks for sharing your story has given even more strength to keep it up. I am 5'10" 270lbs and just finished my first race which was a 6k. I have never felt better about myself!