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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday Recovery Run


I really want to get back into making sure I blog everyday. If for nothing else other than myself- it's for me- I love that I have so many faithful followers that love to hear about my fitness and foods - Thanks Ya'll ♥ I love that I can be that somebody for you! Always Humbling- Never Take that for Granted!

Ok - so I'm feeling PUMPED and Ok- a tad bit on my soap box today- I can't help myself. I am reamped for myself. I get ramped for others. I get in this jive where I want to just make sure I touch somebody in some way today. CCRG Page- My Closed Group- Return E-mails...Boom! blew it up with support and help! Phew, I love it. Some people may think I like the attention-and this is true- I like the attention I can give someone else- because you wanna know why? Because you might need that. I don't freaking need that- (well except Attention from runnerboy- but that is a whole new seperate subject, lol) but I have so much self confidence and self esteem- I overflow and I can give it. Many of you know I'm not out for anything other than the satisfaction of helping someone. Now don't get me wrong- I do like celebrating and sharing in something but I try to keep those sorts of posts modest on my CCRG Page- I never want to come across as a Bragger and know it all- simply more a Woman That loves to Run and Eat well :)


Bicep curls reps of 10 for 4 sets
tricep throwbacks rep of 10 3 sets
lateral raises rep of 10
row - 110lbs on cybex set of 10
pulldown- 110lbs on cybex set of 10
gravitron- realized how sore my shoulders are - not sure why- only 8 assisted pull ups and 1 set of dips
2 sets of lunges with 10lbs weights (hammer curl on each lunge)
set of hammer curls with squats one set

1:30 plank

Walls Sits
30 sec wall sits for set of 3 (first time doing this - I joked that I felt like I was sitting on a potty , lol - a friend suggested finding my own space so I can feel more discreet- yeah good idea, lol) I couldn't imagine the faces I'd be making when I start to really challenge myself with them.

10:30 mile- 3 min walking in this- I'm tighter and more sore than I thought- first recovery run since half marathon 2 days ago.

Hopped off to Stretch. lots of stretches on the mats to loosen up- my left hamstring is rediculously tight - which is odd - I don't get tightness in that leg

8:30 mile
8:00 mile

That was it my friends! About 90 min- (I did bs for a little bit with a couple people so that kills time)


Breakfast: Turbo out the door so I just did a slice of wheat with tsp of natural pb (110 cals)
Coffee x 3 today- tsp of sugar, 6tbsp of ff half in half (105cals)

L: 1 cup of spinach, morningstar veggie patty, 1 tbsp organic ranch dressing
1/2 cup grapes (270cals)

S: tsp of natural peanut butter (45 cals)

D: It was meatless monday in the York House so I took all the left over portions of all these frozen veggies and I rinsed them and threw them into a skillet with some LaChoy Sweet and Sour Sauce- so basically I just had an amazing yummy veggie stir fry for dinner! Kids and runnerboy of course ate the same thing- except I gave them some brown rice with it to aide in more complex carbs and protein - because of my insulin resistance- I stayed away from it! (200 cals)

S: All natural Jillian Michaels whey protein, almond milk , 1/4 cup of Life Cereal (200 cals)

Late Night- Greek Yogurt and 1/2 cup of grapes (180cals)

Todays Total: 1110 (going to bed a lil hungry...but I need to break my evening snacking- Im not gaining or is it unhealthy- I just don't feel like I want do it anymore- its getting to be a habit to eat at night and that is a red flag for me to stop and back off- snack a couple times a week at bed- not everynight- even if I have cals and it's healthy- it's about healthy habits!

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