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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am So Back!

I told you I am like amped up ready to just crush out some MAD strength building- cardio endurance- I have this incredibly sick urge to just kill my work-outs. I think the half marathon just set a bar for me. Reality check - a quick realization of whre I was - where I am now and where I am going just this year alone!

Today I woke up so sore in my quads. ha! Dam you Quads- Shut up and Just get Ready for more Torture!

Today's Torture (nah-- it wasn't really too hard- I can't wait to really blaze through an INSANELY SICK work-out where I am just dying and panting all over- eager to stop because I have nothing left. Which For a Marathoner - this might be hard to accomplish- but I am not a machine- totally human- it will happen.

Made it a ten minute challenge- Ten Minute Walk (.75 miles) Ten Min Run (1.3 miles) Ten Min Elliptical (1.91 miles) Ten Min Stair Climb (67 Flights) Ten Min Row (2070 meters) Then Hopped over for Ten sets of 10 ab crunches with 65lb weight resistance! BOOM


Breakfast- One Waffle- lol- I was in a hurry and was more than Glee to eat anything at all- getting 3 kids ready in 45min and myself is always a Hurry and big deal!
(100 cals)
Coffee (70)

whole wheat (120)
tbsp natural pb (100)
coffee (70)

Chicken Breast (160)
spritz olive oil (20)
Quacomole 2tbsp (100)
organic crushed tomato 2tbsp (30)
asparagus (40)
Pumpkin Cake- (200)

Jello (80)
Fat Free Whipped Cream( 40)
PopCorn (140)
Dark Chocolate( 140)

Total Cals: 1440

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