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Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Mile tempo and More Follow Ups

OMG- SWOOSH- There goes my Life- Yep - it's moving along just that fast!

So Many amazing and wonderful things in my life that keep me busy- I've mentally been up and down all week- nothing terrible - more so likely hormones- maybe it was off meals that threw my overall body balance - But my Hormones from the PCOS has left me Carb Crazy- I want like every darn sugared thing- mainly toast/ bread/ pasta- things I NEVER CRAVE!

Today I'm fighting really hard to not get temped and I'm stuffing with protein, protein, protein!!

3 eggs
greek yogurt

1 cup of fresh spinach
tbsp of organic ranch dressing
1 veggie burger

Turkey Meatloaf- 4 oz
1 cup of green beans
1/2 cup of organic mashed potato

(Omg- I wanted to EAT ALL THE POTATOS!!!) LMAO- Crazy!

I even behaved so much I drank water instead of my coffee!


Tuesday- 10 mile Tempo! Kick ass PR- 8:09 Miles!

Wednesday- 1 mile run- 20min stairclimber- 30 min weights

Thursday- 30 min Recovery Run

Friday- Rest & Recover as I am gearing up for an 8 miler and weights in the morning- my knee is oddly aching today. Humph.

I have been busy adding CCRG's to this Blog-
Creating and Sharing my Running Club 5k Program

oh and Working on Photography adventures ♥ Just finished up editing a Wedding that I did last weekend :)

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