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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rest the Legs- stimulate the Brain

Today was another Rest Day- as I adventure back into my distance again- I'm learning to embrace the rest days- especially since I realize how important it will be to treat the legs kindly and rest is good. I'm certainly no elite- my body is not used to torture I put on it- lol

I took alot of humbled pride last night- a whole lot of time just reflecting.
Where I was 2 years ago- a non- runner- where I was last year- training to run my First Marathon-still overweight- how I went from a 4:50 to a 4:22 and hopefully this May down under a 4hr Marathon- I think I was looking for mega celebration as I just was like "wow' to my own self in reflection.

There is no difference from someone that is trying to run an 11 minute mile or an 8min mile or a 7min or even faster- I tell my friends that run- that when we dig- we both are digging - at our own discomfort level- one of us is faster- sometimes I'm the faster one- and sometimes I'm the slower one-

I love that I have people to look up to me- just more of a modest guide to how to lose weight and run- the challenges to overcome obesity and learning to run- the special mental wars that take place- the extra wear and tear on the join- the ways to best fuel and cut calories while having enough fuel to energize a run and recover well- it's really a big deal.

But just as I am to them- others are to me- I take my handful of elites that inspire me- I take my handful of people in my personal running circle that trump what I do day and day out- they inspire me- it's reciprocal - I really like that and it's vital that people know that-

I didn't go to bed till 5am- as you all know I'm back in college- graduating is key for me- just Math holds back my AA to move on with my Bachelors- balancing my life is really hard on me right now- but I'm really managing- lol- well minus some sleep and fleeting moments of perhaps insanity- joking *or am I?* ha!

I was back up at it this morning when the peeps woke up- that's 3.5 hrs of sleep - If I had 5 hrs and some time- I wanted to get in a modest weight lifting session, however there just was no time.

I did my morning Sunday routine of making home-made buckwheat pancakes for the night - flax- cinnamon and tossed in frozen blueberry's- had my nephews over as they spent the night and for 5 kids it was a big success (as always!)

Then I took them off to the college with me for a community kid fun fair- the kids enjoyed themselves for about 45-hr-

I then stayed at the college and spent another couple of hours doing school work and then another 3 hrs in the class being taught this weeks lesson- so 5hrs later- a rumbling tummy and still on 3.5 hrs of sleep I wondered how I was walking straight.

here I am at home- ate some chicken chili , I was not happy so I stopped eating it - just was NOT hitting my food spot- so after 3/4 cup of that and some whole wheat crackers I went for just my classic eggs and toast :)

Next my Greek Yogurt with organic blackberry's.

ready to take a criminal justice test here in a minute- eat- cuddle runnerboy and FINALLY SLEEP-

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