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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where am I ?

So writing down all of my past always for you all a couple of days ago is sorta tough for me. I tend to cover up all that stuff so that I can live my life with happiness. I'm certainly NOT a person that likes to point blame or suggest that I don't have some sort of control over my life- when in fact I do. We all do. I took back that control and beat out childhood/teen/young adult depression- sure I have moments where I'm sad or lonely or a tad bit anxious but it's all managed and it's all short sparing moments of it. I have tad bits of anxiety too and I deal with that also. How? Taking control over the parts of my life that I can control. Which is my food/exercise and my interactions with others. It's a conscious choice really. Either you choose to do it or you just don't. How willing is one person to actually walk the talk. I am like that now. I never used to be. I was a dreamer and had my head in the clouds- but now I find I've got my head in the clouds but feet are firmly planted on the ground- I've made roots for myself- roots to help me shape the sort of human being I want to be here on this Earth. Our time is limited- this I know- I try to never take life for granted, it's so short.

Not sure where I left off with my fitness and foods last- but I had the 20 on Friday- Saturday was weights - Sunday I did an hour run and it was TOUGH.

I found this on my run tonight. I was going to cut my hr run down to 30min because I was hurting all over - this was a recovery run from Fridays 20 miler- I found this and it pulled me through- Divine? Abso freakin' lutely! I had to be relentless- We all have to be- this was here for me- My first 4 miles were killer- I started off this run as if I was finishing up the last 6.2 of Fridays 20, that tough- but at mile 4- I stopped I stretched for 2 min and I got my wiggles out and guess what happened? I was so relentless that my run went from aching leg stilts to open wings and I felt GREAT- Ran and 8:30 pace back home as if the first 4 never happened- Be Relentless my Friends ♥

Monday- Morning
I got to the gym and I did weights and intervals of running between sets. 3 separate miles- first mile was a warm up and paced up to 5k race pace. Hit a set of every muscle group- back to the treadmill where I did a small 1 mile fartlek up to the 5k race pace- back to do another set of all the muscle groups- then another mile of some rolling hills. I in all did about 6 sets of each muscle group. actually it's Tuesday as I write this and I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder- a small strain- I feel so good doing one routine and it obviously caught up to me- which is fine- it happens- I'm not in that much pain and I find now that I'm working my muscles less but more- it happens more frequently-sadly.

Monday Evening- took the kids in the jogger and went to the hoopes park- 1.75 miles there- then did the c25k with some run/walking and then a run back home. We stopped at subway on the way home and I had a 6inch on 9grain honey oat with turkey- lite mayo and loaded with every veggie you can imagine-

I was suffering since before I left the house with headache to which I now contribute to sinus headache from allergies- so I drugged up and went to bed and got 10 hrs of sleep. I woke up with it still and more drugs I'm finally feel ok. (drugs are ibuprofren/tylenol/anhistimine- lol)

My Weight Stats- I've haven't shared that in a while-

5/6 Goal- 158 lbs
4/1- 2200 calories, 165.0lbs Rest Day *On the 4th day of my period*
4/2- 1300 calories, 164.0lbs 6 miles *Period almost gone*
4/3- 1300 calories, 163.0lbs 5 miles
4/4- 1350 calories, 162.5lbs 4 miles
4/5- 1350 calories, 162.0lbs Rest
4/6- 1800 calories, 161.0lbs 17 Miles
4/7- 1800 calories, 163.0lbs Rest *muscle soreness&
4/8- 2200 calories, 163.5lbs 6.6 miles * muscle soreness- Easter*
4/9- 950 calories, 162.5lbs 6 miles, strength training *double run*
4/10- 1350 calories, 161.0lbs 4.5 miles
4/11- 1400 calories, 161.5 , 3.75 miles
4/12-2000 calories- 161.0 Rest Day
4/13-2400 calories-163.5 20 mile run
4/14-1800 calories- 164.5 Rest
4/15- 1600 calories - 161.5 6.5 mile run
4/16- 1200 calories- 161.5 8.5 mile run & strength training

I just wanted to share that cutting back on calories is hard stuff after not doing it for so long. Committing to using my MFP is hard for me in my busy life- I'd much rather blog and generalize my calories- but I find MFP is different- just as use friendly as Sparks to which I'm used to using. Change is good though.

My calorie cutting has impacted my runs- plus I'm amping my mileage and my daily life endeavors are increasing the last month so needless to say I'm feeling more tired- more drained and trying to put a better focus on hydration and fueling before/after my runs but even still it's hard and catches up to me. I feel lighter and smaller and my measurements have changed a little and my weight is technically down - even though it bounces due to hydration/muscle soreness in totality I know I'm leaner even in just 2 1/2 weeks so that is promising :)

How do you feel when you calorie count and reduce with your runs? do you calorie up like me on your long run days?

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