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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The "Fat" Me

Everyone always wants to know the reasons hwo someone could get to be so big. For many the reasons could be simple-

busy taking care of others, eat all the the wrong foods, lack of fitness/cardio, addiction toward food

I had alot of combination of reasons. An emotional taxing childhood where I dealt with emotionally absent parents, lack of interaction involvement in my life activities as a child. I had an emotionally absent alcoholic mother. I have dysfunctional relationships with my parents and it was never my felt.

I grived some over family loss and dealt with a complacency and food addiction with my husband. We were active but not 'athletic' and we ate whatever we wanted. We socialized with food and found comfort in eating it all the time together.

I've had a series of life stresses that led me more toward food and that always packed on the lbs and that included infertility, financial issues along with a difficulty in taking care of preemie twins-one that had severe colic issues.

It was easier for me to find comfort with food. I had an intimate relationship with food. I loved it and it could always make me feel good.


  1. Your story is my story. I just found your website through a friend... thank you for being so honest and sharing how you achieved such success.

  2. know this is also how I have delt with things. Growing up you know we didnt have that dissimilar of home lives. I am proud to say that as of today I am 40lbs lighter. I love you Cousin and I am sooooo Very proud of you.