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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hi CCRG's!!

I was really busy Monday/Tuesday!! Life is Good!

Monday Re-cap

1 ran double- 3.5 miles in the morning and a walk/run in the afternoon with my running club c25k training program newbies. I'm loving it!
I really crushed an entire upper body work-out. I cranked out repetitive sets of oblique/bicep/tricep work. I small hit of my lower back and shoulder- I did some bent over rows and my back and obliques are screaming at me for 2 days. I really hit it hard and it's been a while since I did weights- I should of backed it down on the weight and went with reps- but that's ok- I didn't hurt doing it- so I suppose I'm good!

I'm finding it difficult to find balance with my running and lifting- as hit a pace of decent weights for a while but my running was more around 20-25 miles a week and now that I'm climbing around's affecting me differently! I'm more sore- and I find I lose a little bit now that I'm only doing it 2x weekly- so I'm grateful through training to simply maintain my muscle tone!

Foods: It's on my mfp and I believe I was at 950, REALLY LOW....but such is life- I had no appetite and what I did eat was nutritional and honestly- very much so forced fueling for me. I had to fuel the machine- all though I had No desires to eat- just no appetite (see when the hormones work for me?)

CPR- I took ADULT/CHILD CPR/AED training Monday Night at the Local American Red Cross. Now I'm certified again to save a life! I am grateful for the knowledge and hope that I never have to use it, but blessed to know how!


I aimed to do a 1hr tempo run. 60 minutes on the treadmill, however with school being out this week and my 6 year old home- I've been taking my time in the morning getting up and getting at my day- so I got to the gym a little late and talked with a few friends a little longer than I should of. So my 60 minute tempo quickly became a 30minute run. Nothing fancy- I felt like shizzy nizzy, this calorie cutting is catching up to me. I'm tired, fatigued. the miles are catching up to me too- I feel pushed to even give an 8:30 effort- I feel empty, heavy and tired. I know, I WILL AND HAVE to feel like this to lose the weight, I'm not upset, I'm doing it to myself. It's going to be worth it. I tell myself that so I stay positive and push through no matter what.

Foods: On track- I think my cals were at 1350, they are put into myfitnesspal

Then I was off to Red Cross for First Aid Training- It was another great refresher as I view the course in a Coaching/Running perspective. How might I handle a runners fall, heat exhaustion, how would I manage my clients pulled muscles, etc.

Here's my CCRG Stats for the Month

5/6 Goal- 158 lbs
4/1- 2200 calories, 165.0lbs Rest Day *On the 4th day of my period*
4/2- 1300 calories, 164.0lbs 6 miles *Period almost gone*
4/3- 1300 calories, 163.0lbs 5 miles
4/4- 1350 calories, 162.5lbs 4 miles
4/5- 1350 calories, 162.0lbs Rest
4/6- 1800 calories, 161.0lbs 17 Miles
4/7- 1800 calories, 163.0lbs Rest *muscle soreness&
4/8- 2200 calories, 163.5lbs 6.6 miles * muscle soreness- Easter*
4/9- 950 calories, 162.5lbs 6 miles, strength training *double run*
4/10- 1350 calories, 161.0lbs 4.5 miles

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