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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pics/Stats for April CC Challenge

I am still a little shocked at myself for my ability to share this.
Please tell me it's no different than being in a bikini at the beach! OMG.
I have so much extra skin- but I suppose in a way I see it more than you?
Be Kind- I used to Look like this ↓

I vowed to get back into CalorieCounting. For many Reasons. First I want to remember what it feels like to Count. It will help me to help you even more. I can be reminded of my 2 year journey with counting. I have not needed to count since I hit my goal weight of 158lbs.

I never strength trained (except my core) while losing weight. So once I hit goal it was about becoming more athletic and stronger. So I started Weight Training and really I love it so Much, I love how it has changed my body. It has tightened up loose skin- it has filled in saggy areas and I feel Strong and Super Sexy.

Start of Summer
weight: 158lbs
Waist: 30.5"
Hips: 41"
Arms: 13"

Late Summer:
Waist: 29.5
Hips: 40"
Arms: 12.75

Fall after 2 months of Marathon training and strength training
Weight: 163
Waist: 31"
Hips: 38.5"
Arms: 12.75"

Right Now- April 2nd
Weight: 164lbs
Waist: 30.5"
Hips: 38.5"
Arms: 12"

There you have it- I'm up 6lbs from Goal weight but I'm down 4.5 inches and that does not include any leg measurements which I will confess I look very different in my legs. I have more gaps in my thighs- I have alot less in my groin area- my inner thighs are super thin- from running- my legs are just really shaping up so differently :)

This is Just Proof not to Watch the Scale and Don't be So Hard On yourself. I never was- although I was perplexed at times when I would go up in weight...made me question if I was eating more than I should (remember I stopped counting- so I wondered if I was consuming too much) but now I know I was gaining muscle and losing fat! I wished I had some half nakey pics like today- maybe I do- I go back at some point and look in my external hard drive for some!

So those are my stats with Picture. I hope you did yourself the favor and did the same? If not- Please do it. Even if don't see a huge difference in just one month, maybe in 6 months we can look back and see a Great Comparison. Actually I wonder if I can find a nakey belly pic of last summer.....

Fitnes Today:

1 mile Warm Up - 13:30 walk/run - hard to get warmed up- so sore, calves/itb
45min run= 5.33 run (8:26 pace) - I bounced my pace alot-treadmill boredom- my calves so tight and so sore. I fought three temptations to run just 30min or maybe even just 4 miles, lol- dam you treadmill. longest tready run in about a month.

35lbs set of 21's x 3
20lbs bicep curls rep of 12 x 6 sets
110lbs pulldowns rep of 10x 2 sets
110lbs rows rep of 10 x2 sets

This Evening- 25min walk/run with the Auburn Running Club

Whole Wheat bread- 60
Organic Egg- 75
spritz of olive oil spray- 10
Coffee x 2 - 70
Post Work-out
8oz almond milk -35 c
1 scoop Jillian Michaels Whey Protein-100
Cup of Grapes- 75
Whole Grain Taco Tortillas (3)- 210
Fresh spinach- 20
Fresh Tomato dices- 10
Greek Yogurt- 140
Ground Turkey- 200
LowFat Cheese- 90
Evening Protein Drink - 135
Todays Total: 1230


  1. So inspirational. I don't understand how you get by on so little food. I'm struggling to stay at that amount on a non-workout day. Working out as much as you would make me ravenous!

  2. I'm on my period right now- I actually was not really hungry- and I didn't get a chance to get my protein shake in- not good- just not hungry and went to bed instead. I have my moments were I crave- but the exercise and training body to eat like this is all it took. That's how you lose my dear- cut calories - try to eat as many foods as you can that are low in calorie. You can do it!

  3. You have come so far and look amazing! I commend you for having the courage to put those pics up. I was very overweight as well and my most self conscious area is my stomach because of the excessive skin. My core is tight and has form, but just that skin and it makes my mid section look more than what it is. Any tips?

  4. Courage is something that has come with almost a year under my belt with accepting of who I am now. I will be honest the reason why I got comfortable is because of how easy it was easy for me to accept some extra weight in my mid - section because by all technicality I have at least ten lbs to lose on my tummy. I won't lie- I am PETRIFIED how my stomach is going to look as I adventure to lean out more. I am really proud of how I look having lost 150lbs and still having the ability to look pretty ok in my belly/back/buttocks reagion- definately very saggy and my entire needs a lift- but I won't and can't so it's what I must get comfortable with. I lost my weight very slowly (on average 1.75lbs a week) so that may have helped. I do lot of ab work now and working my obliques to tone up more in the belly. Great Luck in all you do! ♥