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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strength Training Pictures!

So Running is My passion but after hitting my goal weight I needed to transition from weight loss to whole body strengthening. I had really baggy skin in my abs/arms /back and the one thing that helps to tighten up the body and fill in that saggy extra skin is muscle building.

Just Like Running- it took me a little while to get hooked but it's very fair to say I'm addicted. What really helped was diving into strength training when I was unable to run much from the knee tendinitis in the fall of 2011. What I would do is a set of weights and then run the halls and climb some stairs to keep up some cardiovascular endurance- then I would do another set of weights. Actually I love doing this now and incorporate my running into my weight routine at least once weekly! I love getting all running sweaty and then hitting up a set of biceps/triceps/obliques/abs/shoulders/back and then hit up more running- Fair to see I am THE ONLY person in the weight room that does this :) Yeah- I Rock! ha!

Here I am- Not perfection but very satisfied with how far I have come- I look forward to more tone and definition in the coming year!

Ok - I started lifting in June 2011 just after hitting goal weight- I lifted 3x weekly till November and then I started lifting 5-6x weekly and this Marathon Training and once I recovered more with my running I am now only lifting 2x weekly but I LOVE IT :)

I am always here to help you get started in the weight room- I can help teach you some moves and get you started. Beyond the body difference building muscle can help you burn more calories throughout your day! Your body will be a fat burning machine all day long once you incorporate some muscle building!


  1. I need to be more consistent with strength training. Good 4 you! Do you do the machines or free weights more or both??

  2. Sandra, aim for at least 2x weekly for 20-30 min and that is very manageable! I do both - but I concentrate on free weights :)