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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Incorporating Vegetables into your Breakfast

Time to Stop thinking about Vegetables as a side Dish and start making it a part of your main dish!

Making sure you get in a large source of Vegetables while on a restricted caloric intake is vitally important but really difficult to do, Well up to now- I hope I can fix that for you!

I found that I rarely got in vegetables with my morning meal. So I adventured to change that. This is what I came up with and they are practical, easy, clean and healthy~ !!

1) Add endless veggies to an egg meal alone or as a Breakfast Burrito:
You can mix onions/peppers/mushrooms/broccoli/spinach/tomato,salsa in with your egg whites. Scrambled it up wa'la' easy peasy! After you scrambled and egg with your veggie you can just toss into a bowl and eat up, or you could wrap it up into whole grain tortilla and enjoy it that way!

2) My Next Idea is very Awesome- and it's yummy, quick and tasty! I am an advocate for eating healthy muffins and cakes for breakfast. They are easy to take out of the freezer in the morning and pop into a toaster oven to warm up- or even take out the night before and enjoy. If you have great control and moderation you could make a batch of healthy treats at the start of your week and seran wrap and or ziploc baggy them for each day of the week. Busy CCRG's can appreciate the convenience of these ideas!

Carrot Cake, Zucchini bread, Boom Boom Bars, Pumpkin muffins, apple cake.

Yes!! Whole Grains, Omega 3's, and vital nutrients and vitamins because your veggies are baked right in!

3) Green Shakes- I PROMISE you that you won't taste the spinach! Take a Peek and Give it a try!

4) Very commonly I add fresh fruit to my oatmeal but experiement and try some vegetables. I've tried pumpkin and it's a great option. Prepare your oats, sprinkle with stevia or pinch of sugar and add some pumpkin and you are all set to go!

5) Be Creative- think outside the typical Egg Breakfast- when I took the challenge for breakfast- I decided to ommit the egg and replace it with other protein options like low sodium ham, lowfat ground turkey, low sodium bacon or turkey bacon

6) Add Color to your Homefries. If you are enjoying some homefries don't be afraid to add sauteed peppers/onions or spinach. You can also add cubes of sweet potato or winter squash for tasty fun flare!

7)Start Your Day with a Salad- I know right! I'm telling you the number of CCRG's doing this is INCREDIBLE!! They are out there doing it and loving it!

8) Juicing- just like the smoothie idea- but you can just simply juice your veggies and make your Amazing Anti-Oxidant Drink!

9) Squash Pancakes!
10) Love this-It's called Chocomole- and easy to make. Dare you to Eat this for Breakfast- OMG!

1 ripe avocado
1/4 cup agave
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1.5 tsp vanilla
OPTIONAL-add-ins: 1/2 a banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt

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  1. Can you make a copy of your grocery list? lol, Ill just eat what you do! I would love to try the green monster shake.