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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick 3 and Triceps

It's Midnight- I'm finally here- I'm so tired.

I'll keep it short and sweet (is this possible?) Ok, let's try!

Hit the gym- fast warm up mile- walk- 7:51 mile- walk - 7:41 mile- walk

Weights- Tricep Pull downs-100lbs rep of ten for 4 sets
Tricep throwbacks
Tricep over head raises
3 sets of rep of 10 push ups

Had a Pleasant conversation with a CCRG follower- so that was nice- finding I keep getting approached more in the community about recognizing or hearing about the story and the movement to get more people running and losing weight or eating healtheir! So I'm just really proud of that, Thanks for the outreach!

quick shower- story time with the twins- house cleaning- lunch- dinner- out shopping for a several hrs. bought a new expensive lens for my photography business and was just as excited for my 100 dollar running camera for Long Runs. I'll be excited to share my runs with you all through pictures :)

Food is Great- Im on My Fitness Pal and my user name- well it's CalorieCountingRunnerGirl lol- does this work for you?
it would save me time for now to send you there to get an idea of what I'm eating- right now I'd like to go to sleep ................snooze..............


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