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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Running Fun & Game Changer -

Sunday Rest day ( I had 3 full rest days last week- used this as a great taper week just 33 miles!)
Monday- Keen to work my ass off on cardio and ditch some not so clean eating from date night (prime rib- baked potato and chocolate mouse) I did great run- 30 minutes for 3.5 miles and threw in 7% incline run for 3x 400's in the 30 min session. Drop my pace to a 9:30 while on the hill but threw my pace to 8min on my recovery- this just maybe my last hill run before Mountain Goat Race on May 6th!
After that Run I jumped on over to the stair climber and left a great sweat, lol- Hell yeah I took a picture - I freakin' LOVE Sweat Puddles :) Told You I'm a sweat cardio Junkie!

After this work-out I got SEVERELY SICK- it was as if I went into a kickboxing session and someone beat me up in my abs- then I had to rush to the bathroom as my body rid itself of the toxic crap I ate the days before on the date etc. I just don't eat like that often and so my body was like "what the heck" and It took me at least 20min before getting my kids to feel remotely well enough to get them to go home- I sat there in so much pain/discomfort. I got home and did a shower had a clean lunch and I was miraculously better- that sweat and killer work-out and burst of gut wrenching cleanse was enough to cleanse the toxins from my body- thank you Body- I'm sure I needed that-ugh.
But Monday I did another work-out as I had my c25k running club meet up - cold and wet windy - not sure if anyone would show up. We had 3 daring souls, lol - and you know what they kick ass because if they really want to learn how to run and the first step in doing that is learning to "Brave the Run" and they did.
here is Catie and I and a round of applause to Catie cause she is amazing and taking this journey to learn to run and calorie count. In three weeks she has last over 15lbs and is transforming her habits, her eating and her fitness! She too has pcos and I'm really glad she found me so I can help- I'm having a blast teaching her! She is going to be a Great Runner and she is going to Claim her life Back!
Tuesday: it was cold and rainy- there was No one that showed up the Running Club meet up - I was actually glad- lol- I went to the treadmill with runnerboy and got in a great lil run- 3.65 miles in 30min with some speed play.
Wednesday- I ran 10.25 miles - WET/COLD/WINDY/RAIN/SLEET/SNOW/HILLS- I went out on this run thinking I was going to run my 2nd 20 miler for this Marathon I was doing on May 27th. However because of the BIG news coming to follow I decided after losing many miles beneath my feet in an incredibly comfortable and easy on the body pace I changed my whole running plans for the year and started to step up my pace - and finished out this run in 1:35 for a 9:16 pace. I hate to admit this but I was succumbed by a hill on this run- so big- so long and so STEEP it was like ladder climbing! wow! I am going to conquer that hill on another day and I won't walk- this I promise you!
I ran across this link on facebook and it was for Under Armour Woman are Beautiful Challenge. Basically you sign up - Create a Really Great Big Goal and then start a journey to achieve your goal at the same time you rally others to join you- you have fun supporting others and you take on a series of challenges to help you reach your goal.
I thought long and hard- What could a really big Running Goal be for me? Well you all know I want to make it to Boston! In order to do that I need to Qualify! I have thought all along I'd never likely qualify till at least 2013-2014 but what I know I need to do is focus on getting faster. In order to get faster I need to pick up my 1/2 marathon pace and then build off of that for my long runs. So I made my Goal of completing a Half Marathon in 1:45 minutes. That is 8min miles! A BQ is 8:20 miles and so there is not much room- I still know that it's a great shot at least dreaming SO BIG that I could DREAM SO BIG that I would push myself to at least get to my goal even sooner than I imagined!
Wow- I thought long and hard about it for about 45minutes on my Long run on Wednesday- what was supposed to be a 20 miler became a 10 miler because I wanted to shorten my distance and save my legs for some speed this week.
I started my Journey and I ask you that you join me and dream BIG with me! Join the challenge and let's both reach for some Great Goals and have Fun doing it! I am going to be posting alot about my journey- some self discovery and I'm really excited, nervous- scared a little- curious and so Ready to boost my confidence and challenge and shake the core of my body and running to reach this Goal!
I have started a Very Special Tab on the main CCRG blog here and I will detail everyday what I did for the challenge! I want to make sure I document this journey really good- both for me and for UnderArmour because did I tell you that if you show how to lead and rally the crowd and those around you that you will be considered for a spot in being the 'Face of Under Armour" and get a chance at all these great prizes like nutrition training, photo shoots, 5,000 in Under Armour Gear- etc. You can potentially place top Ten for the contest and win 1,000 in gear and they also do give-aways 2x weekly after June for up to $250 in gear! Wow! How Generous- it's all so secondary but I will say it now from the MOUNTAIN- I WANT THIS! I WANT TO BE THE FACE OF UNDER ARMOUR- I want to represent all the big and beautiful woman out there that they too can change their life- dream a dream they never thought of and they can go from sedentary life to an athletic one and actually try to be competitive too! I love that- I want to be that for you!
Please check out that tab- watch me journey through- I am so excited to watch you too! let's do this!
If you join please RSVP on Facebook Events or drop me a message here- I want to Tell Under Armour that I'm taking you along with me ♥
Here is my link- be sure to "like" me and "Tweet" me even if you don't take on this challenge! If you do the challenge follow me and I'll follow back!

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