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Friday, April 13, 2012

20 miles down Memory Lane

I went for 18 Miles- I felt so Great I pushed for and got in 20 Miles :)

Yesterday was a Rest Day- I thought I'd run this mileage yesterday but the weather and winds proved that today would be a better day! So I Ran Unexpectedly on Wednesday with Runnerboy and then took yesterday off. I was so tired yesterday- I had a massive aching headache like all day. Before Bed I took 600mg of Ibuprofren and chugged 20 oz of electrolyte drink to rid the headache and add some extra fluids.

I woke up weighing the most I've weighed since I started calorie counting April 2nd- I think it's because I ate about 2000 calories, rested and drank ALOT of fluids, lol= 164.5 and I'm ok with that- Up 3lbs in one day, I'd much rather be rested and hydrated than starving and lacking fluids. Fact is that I have been suffering big time on my runs since I started counting calories- I have felt tired and drained and lacking major energy.

I started my run excited because it was nice out 41' degrees- sunny! Minimal winds and coming from the North and I was running west and south so needless to say I adventured out in this outfit and my Brook's Running Coat- that came off after mile 4! with 3 hrs in the sun- I got great color !!!

I was happy I chose a new route in which I have never ran before. Making this Training Session Much More interesting and fun for me! I call this Memory Lane as I ran from Auburn into the neighboring village, Union Springs. I grew up here and it was really surreal to run from the city into the village and hit up some of my childhood memories.

I took and Went to check out Yawgers Brook- very popular place I would adventure too with my father to look for spawning lake trout. My girlfriend lived next door so I had childhood memories hanging out at her house and walking down by the creek eating berries and playing in the brook. So I'm waving at ya' ;-)

When I got here I was just over 11 miles in. I already had some gu and active drink and so I took some extra fluids and Gu here at this spot. I got out my mace as I was starting to hit some suspect country running- beautiful indeed but lots of trailer trash here and there and random dogs- Up to this point I had some on and off again side stitches and they alarmed me- I'm not sure why I had them today- I had them on my small Wednesday run too- but I paid them no attention and just ran my steady pace- I was not pushing it but I wanted to make sure I didn't run this "slow" for me either- I wanted it to be a decent pace to help me discover my Marathon pace and to give my legs a great training run. Up to this point also I only encountered one other problem- an apple tree farmer was spraying his crops and I got hit with lots of mist and I was NOT happy. He was wearing a head mask- yet I was getting a freaking bath in the very thing that FREAKS me out. I love to buy Organic- I'm a geek about avoiding farmers like this and yet I'm getting a small shower in it. Not a happy runner girl- I quickly ran to the other side of the road but the mental damage was done- I was inhaling this shit and I was wet- ARGH! so I went a different way back toward Union Springs. Oh wait- One other thing- My crotch riders- why oh why do I keep wearing these crotch riders? I bitch about them often! My coochie must suck them up and my thigh rubbing and the plump ass cheeks just pull up the compressions and I keep yanking them back down. It took 4 miles to get some crotch sweat going so they would stay in place, lmao (really not funny- so ANNOYING!) some random here and there yanks- if I was never obese and have thigh skin flab I'd just wear underwear like an elite when I run- Yes I'm totally serious, lol- ! anyways! you know I give it to ya real!

Here are some country pics

I got into Union Springs and I made my way to my Old High School and hit up the track. Now this track is FANCY and new- my track was stone, lol- but it was still amazing to me to Claim this track as a Marathoner and not a chunky high school student trying to claim an 11:30 mile to pass my physical fitness test! I would try to come up here to lose weight and to run. I ran by the softball fields where I played and the school were I went for majority of my childhood- homecomings and sports and my education- it was a Nice School.

Here I am at the track!

I ran into the village- caught up with Runnerboy and my kids told them to meet at the local elementary school as I was just about 16.5 miles in and told him I was JUST starting to feel a little fatigue in my legs but my energy was great and that I knew that I had way more than 18 in me today- so I would push for 20 to get in a greater training run.

So it's what I did. I ran 20 miles and then as a recovery I walked a 1/4 mile up a hill to catch up to my kids and then back down to the lake where I took a Great Natures Ice Bath- the water was FRIGID but I put on some old trainers and I got in- I sunk about 4" into the sand and lake floor and couldn't see my feet- it held me in place, lol- it was so Nice! I wanted the lake badly! The last two miles was exactly what I needed for this run to make it better for me- I was feeling good and I wanted to push it. I love that I can be strong enough of a runner to do that!

Pace: by mile 13.1 I hit 1:59 for 9:05 pace- so comfortable- my heart rate likely in the 130's After that I decided to step up my pace and that I did- I JUST LOVED NEGATIVES splits! My last 6.9 miles was done in a 8:41 pace giving me 2:59:59!! I was hoping for sub 3 and WOW- I FREAKING DID IT!! I cried and cried and was so dam proud of myself- this is a PR by 7minutes for this distance from my last training back in September. To get this now- after a comeback from a lack of endurance running and knee tendinitis is simply UH-MAZING to me! I can NOT be more proud of my own self. I am Humbled, I am inspired, I am surprised and I'm ready to start believing and dreaming of a potential 4hr Marathon! I could of ran 26.2 today- I know my last 6.2 would be slower pace - I was starting to feel tapped in my legs- they started to actually hurt! My Knee started to ache here and there but pressure really - no pain! Plus My last 3 long runs have been HILLS, HILLS, HILLS, HILLS and this my RunnerGirls was pretty flat for the most part, one hill and a couple small rolling but 20 was flat and that's how I planned it- nice to give the calves some retreat from all the hill work and it allows me to pick up my pace and go a little further ♥

After My Dip in the Lake- I cleaned up quickly and got dressed and took my family out to lunch - a BUFFET after a 20 miler- LMAO!! YES I DID! No worry my CCRG's I behaved. A few bites of a salad, pineapple, citrus fruit, half a burger and a cookie - I had a couple random bites of food that never caught my interest- this meal was light but I was ok with that. I have been snacking all day since- no real meals- just snacking- the scale will hate me for days- just watch- I always gain several lbs after runs like this! I'm ready for it-

took my kids to the playground and spend the whole day out of the house- my legs felt UH-MAZING all day :) a little ache here and there and but mostly sickly GREAT!

(((((Oh and I found 7 pennys on my Run today, lol- BOOM pennys!))))))))

Found Comfort in this Song - It's My Marathon Song- Through and Through- I'm always Moving on= a better me!

the last pushed mile and my tear dropping realization that I hit my goal of 20 under 3hrs was this song- it totally deserved a replay on the player on my cool down walk-

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