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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cutting Carbs for Weight Loss & Pcos

For All of you out there looking for simple and effective ways to reduce your carbohydrates in your daily intake, then this List is for you!

Aim to Keep Your Carbs under 50% of your daily intake, most the  "Low Carb" eaters try to aim for about 30-40% their daily intake. If you are looking to go Ketonic for a little while to lose the last bit of weight you may try to go as low as 10-20% of daily intake. 

Going Low Carb you can also try to limit your carbs per meal to approximately 30-35 grams. With at least 2 hours between carb fueling. This keeps your blood glucose levels from spiking/crashing.  Aim for 130 carbs per day and no more than 175 carbs per day if you are aiming to lose weight. (Unless you are in some sort of endurance training! If you are unsure of what that intake should be feel free to message me )

1) Find a Low Carb Bread- They can be costly. They often are filled with unnecessary ingredients. Just be sure it's a clean low carb bread without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Go whole grain if you can!

2) Open Face Your Sandwich! At Your Meal Time go down to a slice of whole wheat bread instead of two. Load veggies, lean proteins on top of your Sandwich. By skipping the top bread piece of bread you save as much as 100-150 calories and 12-20 grams of carbohydrates.

3) Skip the bread. I love to eat a burger/chicken/turkey patty just on a plate or wrapped up in lettuce! Adventure to skip the tortilla for your tacos! How about No bread for any of your sandwiches instead use large green leafy veggies!  I can get adventurous by using healthy choices for a dipping sauce to add some taste bud excitement to what I'm eating.

4) Remove the Guts. If you purchase whole wheat bread rolls- remove some of the bread from inside the roll. I Promise you that you won't even notice a difference! Again fill it more with veggies and protein.
Going to a sub shop? Ask them to remove the extra bread from inside the sub roll, or better yet just scoop out the extra bread from the bread roll and throw it away. You'll save yourself as much as 100-150 calories!

5) If you eat carbohydrates be sure they are complex. Complex carbs are all your whole grains and are normally all brown. They affect our Glycemic index differently as they body takes it longer to break apart the chain carbohydrates, hence making it complex. Most complex carbs are higher in protein so that is an added benefit. Most Complex carbs often have more fiber vs simple carbs which allows you to feel fuller longer. 

6) Make Choices to Snack on Protein vs. a Carbohydrate like chips, breads, cookies
Here is a list of Healthy Protein Snacks

7) Throw away the notion of being a Traditional Meat/Potato Eater. Instead focus your plate being full of vegetables and lean protein and a fresh fruit

8) Use Your Measuring Scale to Monitor Your Carbs. You can Cut carbs by actually weighing them properly so you know exactly how many Carbohydrates you are really eating. You might just suprise yourself on how many grams of carbs you are actually eating if you give this a try!

High Carb Critters to Eliminate in Your Pantry:
•canned soup
•canned fruit
•white pasta/starches
•hot cocoa
•rice cakes (I KNOW low calorie- but still a carb!)
•granola bars
•flavored coffee creamer
•Inspect your condiments they are a CC (Carb Crusher) if there is unhealthy fat and added sugar
•frozen meals, frozen waffles, frozen desserts
Another Blog Link of Mine talking about Managing Sugar to Lose Weight!

9) Keep on Pinning and purchasing Low Carb Eating Cook Books. The More you learn to eat without all the refined grains then the better for your body. Go complex, Go Whole grain and avoid even just refined whole grains as your body's blood sugar still spike like a white refined grain.

10) Go with Flat Breads, Thin Crusts when eating carbs, the fluffier breads, pizza crusts have far too much carbs. Ask for thin crust and indulge almost guilt free! Go light on the cheese and double up on the veggies! 

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11) Gut your Potato! The skin is so healthy for you! Fill it with healthy veggies, lean proteins and sprinkle a little cheese on top! Stuffed Baked Potato? Oh yes!
 12) Skip the Pasta and start eating Spaghetti Squash! If you haven't heard this is the NEW way to eat pasta ;-) More Fiber, Less Calories!
 13) Low Carb Snacking? Oh Yes! Not Just your standard Protein options from the Dairy/Meat Family either!
Unsweetened dried fruit
Avocado pudding
Pumpkin Seeds
Sun Kernal Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Air popped popcorn
PB on Celery
Hummus & Veggies
Greek Yogurt Ice Pops
Honey Roasted Nuts


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