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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Running Club 5 Miler & Calories

Today was spent in True Stay At Home Momma Fashion. Clean, clean, Clean, Clean, blah, blah blah. .....................................................................................Ok- Not much fun today- most times I never whine or complain but when I feel like my 3 little peeps are the worst lil piggies and my husband the 4th lil piggie then I get this "are you serious" I'd rather be OUTSIDE!! Gardening, cleaning up my yard, going to parks, having FUN. lol

Running Club Meet up tonight- solid 5 miles. Fast paced to the Nature Trail, slowed it down big time and felt TAPPED in the trail, hate slowing down makes me feel sluggish like hitting a wall, collected myself and ran back even stronger and was doing a super fast sub 7min pace for the last 1/4 mile -

Whole Wheat Tortilla- 120
3 egg whites- 60
lowfat mozz cheese- 15
coffee x3 - 105

1/2 apple
2 slice of whole wheat
1/2 can of tuna *tip go for Salmon* I did Tuna for the first time in about a year- something different, Tuna has more murcery and not as much Omega 3's as Salmon. Salmon tastes similar to tuna in a sandwich like this.
lunch: 265 calories

1/4 lb organic beef
1/4 slice lowfat cheese
1/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese
Stole 5 tater puffs from the kids- HEY they are my fave ;-p How can I not eat a tater?
yay- I like Tater Tots :)
then I had 2 jalepeno poppers and got a 3rd one- dam you runnerboy I yelled at him why did you make so many? We only enjoy 2 once in a blue moon with a meal - and he made like 8 instead of 4. Why? We ended giving the last two to the kids- they are caloric little monsters.

Anyways- Used MyFitnessPal for the first time today- it was easy and simple to use. I wonder if it records what I normally eat so I can just click stuff to add like I could on SparkPeople. I'll learn.

1315 calories and my 600 calorie run leaves me at a 900 deficit to go toward fat loss :)

How Was Your Food & Fitness?


  1. It does! You get a recent and frequent option to re-add foods! :)

  2. As Megan said it does. Also, it automatically sets your diary to private. You have to go in under Settings if you want your diary "public" to your friends. Have a great day!

  3. Oh - Awesome- Thanks RunnerGirls- I eat alot of the same stuff- so it will be nice to just add things easier!!