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Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Lose Weight in Marathon Training

Losing Weight while in Marathon training "Can" Be really difficult for many RunnerGirls. I found it easier to lose weight when I was larger with alot more weight to lose. My body was able to tap into my fat storage rather easily. I will confess that I still felt tired and fatiqued during some of my runs. That does not mean all my runs were bad or aweful. I had an amazing training experience while losing about 25lbs in a 2 month time frame during my very first marathon training.

My Second Marathon- I did not count/cut calories and I found I had more energy but I still ran equally as strong as my first!

So I've done it both ways. I've cut calories and lost during a Marathon Training Schedule and I've maintained. Both require hard work to manage carb fueling, carb/protein recovery to either lose or not gain!

Here are some tips to help you learn how to carb up properly for a long run (really this one is for your actual Marathon itself)

Tips on how to lose weight during Marathon Training

• Take your mid week runs as a vital way to lose weight - keep your calorie count - stick to your running training progam - clock your miles. Mentally Prepare for both Good Runs & Sluggish feelings. Expect that you will have runs where you will not feel so strong. This is where the magic happens- those runs that last longer than 30min you are going to start really hitting up some fat burning. Just think to yourself as you run that it's worth it because come RACE day you will be leaner and you will be rested and fueled properly for race to really have a GREAT run! This I promise you!

• Be mindful of your carbohydrates. Have a complex carb before your run to help fuel you! Ok- banana- oatmeal are great quick and low calorie options.

• Be Mindful of your carbohydrates after your long run. I want to refule with some carbs- just around 100-150 calories. It will lift your blood sugar- make you feel well enough to keep moving- Drink some protein and then start to plan out your recovery meal. Those quick recovery carbs can be fresh fruit or milk (which also adds protein!)

•Recovery Meal- Quick Simple sugars are GREAT for immediate Glygocen Restoral examples include: Potatos, white rice- starchy foods- breads-pizza, donuts- ice-cream- beer, etc..............*please don't they are so UNHEALTHY*.............
When you are looking to lose weight from your long run but still recover enough to give back to your body I want you to focus on a typical healthy meal. Aim for around 50% complex Carb, 30% lean Protein and 20% healthy fats. Aim for 400-6oo calories for your recovery meal.

•WATER!! If you don't hydrate properly you won't lose weight properly! I want you to weigh yourself naked just before your long run. Once you get home I want you to weigh naked again. Take that difference and re-hydrate. For every One lb water loss you should drink 20 oz of fluid! Yes, that much! VITAL!

•DON'T freak out when the scale goes up SEVERAL lbs after a long run. Typically 1-3 days after a long run you could potentially see a huge spike on the scale in regards to your weight. This is muscle soreness! It's factual CCRG's- DOMS- Delayed onset muscle soreness. The science is simple really. Your muscles have been torn apart and broken down from your endurance runs. The body responds by protecting the muscle with water- it's like an inflammation process. That water allows the muscle to repair themselves. It will go away! It may take upward of 4-5 days to really get back to your true weight and then guess what?! That's right- time for another LONG run! LOL

• Listen to your body- Stomach growling- fatique- mood swings- nauseau- that all equals a desperate need to EAT- and I really want you to EAT! Ok- Please! LOL_ but this is NOT a permission slip to suck down Banana Splits, Large Greasy Pizzas and such. Go Make another 200-400 calorie healthy meal and eat up! Maybe on your long run day you celebrate by enjoying a really healthy snack you otherwise wouldnt on a mid week day!

•CONTROL- How badly do you want this ? You need to learn how to fuel your body so that you run well/hard but still lose and that is going to take some self control to keep to a calorie count- resist the urges to just rip the kitchen apart. You may find that the long runs suppress you and you will need control TO EAT- ok- as much as I tell you to NOT over eat I will tell you not to Under Eat either! You do that and you will really hurt yourself!

•Your Body is a MACHINE- Nutritional Food CCRG's. Dense with natural Complex B- Vitamins/Minerals. All vitamins and minerals aide in recovery- fueling and ensure the act of really giving your nervous and musclular system what it needs to operate properly! We are not just flesh and bones- we are complex human beings. Our bodys need anti-oxidants to repair the damage we put on ourselves from endurance running. It is really that much of a big deal to me and I want it to be for you too! You don't have to be perfect but I want you to care and to try! stick to wholesome and natural foods from the food pyramid and you will be perfect!

So How Many Calories?

I always ranged from 1200-1600 during Marathon Training- I needed that range in case I felt weak or ravenous.

I always "Calorie Up" the day before and day of a Long Run! The Day before a Long run I'd aim for around 1800 calories and the day of a long run I let myself go as much as 2200 calories! You can use a general guide like this for yourself if you find it helps. Everyone has a different metabolism- you may find you use something similiar to this but add another 300-500 calories to yours to meet your individual needs!

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