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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh Peter !!

♫♫ Me and Peter Cotton Tail, Went Running down the Bunny Trail, with a hippitty Hop hop with Easter Here today- Hey! ♫♫ Great 6.6 mile recovery run :)

CCRG's point out Peter is Feeling me up. I don't mind I let him ~ Should of see him out there on the trail, it was pretty "Hare"larious. Sill Rabbit Don't you know Runnergirls are for trails not tricks? Boom! hahaha!

2 slices of Low sodium bacon, coffee and eggs and slice of whole wheat toast.

Beautiful Easter Morning Run where I ran a strong run for what I could today- not fast- but I felt good with energy so that's the important part as my quads were screaming- sore. Slightly achey in the calves from the hills too. Refluxed breakfast a bit.

This is a 38 Mile Week. I'm starting to Climb.

I have done alot of thinking the last two days- yesterday was a rest day- well I thought long and hard about Buffalo in May. I thought about if I want to truly run a Marathon again in May. Why and such.

I do!!! Why: It defines me. I do fear it and I need to work through my fears, not avoid them. I know when I fear something it's more a reason to do it. I won't get to where I need to be unless I push past the fears. My fear of breaking myself. My fear of not getting my time goal. I just need to go for it. I just need to give it everything I have in the next 4-5 weeks of peak training so I can come out injury free.

A blogger comment said- she liked that I'm all action (THANK YOU!!) I'm humbled you see that is always who I am. I don't just talk smack, I live my truth, the truth of what I speak and preach (no matter my distance or pace)

My Plans for Buffalo.

1) Mentally Commit to Continue with Marathon Training

2) Aim for comfortable running - with attempts at Negative splits on my long runs

3) After Mountain Goat 10 miler - back off the hills, as there are no hills at Buffalo - some overpass inclines but moderate and quick. this will aide in quicker recovery

4) Set 3 Time Goals for Buffalo- Run Faster than 4:23 to get a PR, Run 4:10 , TRY to get 4hrs or under .......Big Wide Range, I have a big cushion with my time. If I give myself the permission to be ok with just a PR then I release that time expectation from myself so I can enjoy this experience the most.

I really do Love Long Distance Running. Running comfortable is so vital to a great experience- I must trust that I will find my pace in the weeks to come and on my last long run I'll gain my best perspective of a race pace.

Post Run today:
Fresh Pineapple
Greek Yogurt
Wheat Germ

Easter Lunch at my sisters house:
4 oz ham
1/4 cup sweet potato
1/4 cup potato
handful of olives
1 bread roll
1/2 cup asparagus

Ice-Cream Parlor Visit- Small soft serve :)

Not so sure how Easter fits in with calorie cutting

I'll be try to be better with using MyFitnessPal this week. I have not had the time to count the calories via the computer but I have been hand journaling the last 3 days-

Here is my New Calendar to show you my progress with Calories/Fitness for the Month

5/6 Goal- 158 lbs
4/1- 2200 calories, 165.0lbs Rest Day *On the 4th day of my period*
4/2- 1300 calories, 164.0lbs 6 miles *Period almost gone*
4/3- 1300 calories, 163.0lbs 5 miles
4/4- 1350 calories, 162.5lbs 4 miles
4/5- 1350 calories, 162.0lbs Rest
4/6- 1800 calories, 161.0lbs 17 Miles
4/7- 1800 calories, 163.0lbs Rest *muscle soreness&
4/8- 2200 calories, 163.5lbs 6.6 miles * muscle soreness- Easter*

How was your Easter? Did you find time to run and how was your commitment to your calories?

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  1. You are looking fly as hell with that rabbit :) love it!! I have a question, how do I start my own blog? You have done it once again, INSPIRE me. There are a lot of ideas and things I want to do within my community. And I'm also getting flooded in my facebook inbox with health and fitness questions. You ROCK girl!! xoxo