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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How CCRG Started Running

It's no secret, I've said it before it took a Surreal Inspiration from RunnerBoy for me to take this journey.
I watched him run, walked the kids as he ran- listened to him chant about how great he felt. Watched the lbs just MELT off of him. He really loved it.

I was so Confused. I was so thinking "Running sucks- you are C R A Z Y" and guess what happened. He ignited this flame inside me. A flame I now know, I always had but never ever used.

So he started running in July of 2009. By December he was Running his first 5k (27:50, most recent pr 21:08) well I made that fool sign me up for the same 5k. Was I even Running yet....NO! OMG. So Funny Right- I paid 30 bucks to do a race I wasn't even going to do but maybe walk in with my kids. So cold Instead I went to the store and shopped, bwahahaha!

Ok- so as that passed I knew it was ridiculous that I didn't even participate in the race- and what it had shown me was a desire to do one. So like I always tell all of you for every desire you have to create an action plan.

My Action Plan was to get fit, build some sort of cardiovascular athletic base and learn to run. I had this pre-conception that I could be fit & heart healthy by having a running base of just 3.1 miles. And that's true, you can :)

I made the plan knowing it was Not going to be easy or that I'd likely enjoy it very much.

So the Plan was- 3.1 miles 3x weekly till I could run the whole distance. No couch to 5k program, no one telling me when to run and when to walk. I feel with all my Runnergirl heart that no one should be telling you when you should run and walk. This is entirely up to you- Running is about pushing yourself for what YOU Can do. Not what I think you can do or what an app thinks you should do. Finding the Courage to trust yourself- push when you have collected yourself and then walk when you could hold a run no more. Keep Challenging yourself to get stronger and you will~! This is Exactly What Running is all about!

I remember all those months right now as I write. I remember how it all felt- it's how I still can feel on a fast, hilly run- the digging - the burning in the legs/calves the breathing and my heart pounding so fast.

My First 3.1 miles was 58 minutes. Walk and Run. Very LITTLE Running, as a matter of fact I'm sure of it that I had maybe just a dozen little 30 second intervals in there for the first 5k distance.

You are wondering how how much did I weigh? 265 lbs! Having tried running at 295 lbs it had felt the same- so no real difference there, I just never wanted to run when I was 295lbs I just did it because I wanted to burn calories and I never did very much cardio/fitness the first 6 months of my Journey. I just wanted to change my eating first. It was such a huge battle within itself.
There is something Special about being overweight and running that the thinner people don't have to worry about. The extra pressure on a sedentary body that is is overweight and in obesity. The pressure on our joints, knees, ankles. How the extra lbs around our mid-section feels heavy- like you are in a body suit- your true thinner self just screaming to find it's way out. My lungs BURNED, my body physically ached from trying to run. My thighs they rubbed- so bad I had leg burns for months - I couldn't fit into skinny running clothes so I was wearing Walmart Specials (nor did I want to spend the money on expensive running clothes when I hoped I would grow out f them quickly, Hey I'm cheap! lol) Basic Cotton Pants and Cotton T-shirts. Oh and Chaffing- I chaffed so bad I still have scars on my breasts and back from all the sweating and rubbing from sports bras (body glide!! use it please! Even Then, OWIE_ Salt into the chaffing burns or the water hitting it in the shower was another self torturous happening, ugh. ) There were times when I ran and I thought my heart was going to explode. During the entire Winter of 2010 I suffered from a 4 month Chronic severe sinus infection. I was put on super antibiotics 2x. I suffered greatly with sinus pain and still managed to fight through breathing and learning to run. My nose Ran like crazy- or it was stuffy and blocked from extreme inflammation. I sinus cleansed 2x daily and was tested for Staph Infection and MRSA- Thankfully it finally went away by May - I started Running in January!

My Brain- was so Ready to accept the challenge no matter how much it sucked. No matter how much it hurt. I was GOING TO DO THIS! With No Real Plan to Fail, With No expectations, I was going to run 3.1 miles even if it took me a year!
At the same time that I was committed I waivered in my mental strength. Gaining self esteem comes from the act of running- you do eventually get stronger and lighter, you eventually run longer and longer. You push yourself from Running for 1 minute to two minutes. No matter your pace- you just run. You walk when you simply couldn't hold the pace any more.

My mental strength grew. The moments of weakness although included pondering thoughts if I could actually do this. Mysterious wonder why it wasn't easier (hey I still do this- I must subconsciously think I'm a Kenyan or an Elite, lmao.....although with that said, I will confess in my truest RunnerGirl Heart I know I can be simply Amazing at Running- I know where I am now is only HALF of the RunnerGirl that I can be and I'm JUST starting to tap into my truest potential :)

Simply Put Running is Not Easy- It was really hard on me for a while (like I said still is when I'm pushing myself)
So What turned the hurt torturous run into something Great, Healthy and Addicting and something I couldn't wait to do again?

I celebrated with myself and others each victory- I talked to RunnerBoy about how much further I ran that day vs the time before. I honest to God simply gave myself so much Credit and Prompts for doing it. I was actually patting myself on the back. I tell all my RunnerGirls- If you can just push and dig through and then afterwards say "That sucked big time- but I pushed Through and Yes, I'm proud of how strong I'm becoming, I'm confident of where I am going" then you too can find joy in Running. On CCRG Facebook Page every day I am asking you to Celebrate with me, for this very Reason- because you all get to deserve to have someone to brag to about what you did! I want you to have a place to turn to where I will at least read what you wrote and in totality Give Huge Congrats on getting out there and getting it done- even it was never a personal best or the best feeling run- or if you failed to meet up to your own expectations- You trump the couch. You trump the sedentary lifestyle. You are gaining your life back- you are going to create a new you- or finding the you that always existed. She is in there.

Find Your RunnerGirl and Trust me, it gets easier- it's addicting because of how it makes you feel, it releases happy endorphins in our brain (it's fact!) and you will lose weight if you are counting and or watching your food intake closely.
and one more thing- if you repeat to yourself "I hate this" then go to the Elliptical or go cycle because this is Not for you- You need to Want to Run- ok- you gotta want to try to do it- if you don't make the plan to at least give your brain a clean slate to really give this your best mental and physical best- then you won't ever love it or maybe you'll do it, lose some weight and then be done with it, which is fine too if you keep some sort of active lifestyle. I just want you to go into this journey with Optimism not pessimism. A Great Outlook, not a bleak one!

Learning to Run
January 2010 Started Running
First 5k distance full run time- 48min within 3.5 months of learning to run
May 2010- 4 & 5 miles
June 2010- 6 & 7 miles
July - 8 & 9 & 10 milers
August- 10 & 13.1
September - My First Official Race- Half Marathon- 2:29
October- My Second official Race - 5k in 30:30
October- January- More 5k 's & Maintain the Half Marathon distance through keeping a base
All of my 2011 Pictures are Here: You can Go Look at them if you want :) I always pick a few Randoms and Share on my FB for Running Friends ;)
if not maybe just my personal FB and then hit the photos tab and you can see all my running albums and actually some pictures of me during my journey out of obesity.
Pics from My Race- a Half Marathon- I still Weighed just about 200lbs here
January 2011- Started Training for First Full Marathon
May 2011- First Full Marathon- 4:50 minutes
Summer- Training & another Half Marathon Race
October- Second Full Marathon in 4:23
October- December- Knee Tendinitis and more 5ks hitting my newest 5k pr 23:50
Age Group Winning in the Fall of 2011
I managed to get a 1st and 2nd place age group win on two 5ks
I love watching myself coming in the top quarter of the running crowd on races!
February 2012- Half Marathon

Current Plans:
I started a Running Club in My Community and we Do Weekly Runs
As part of My Running Club I created a c25k program and we started that last week
We do special training runs for local races and my plans are to keep this going and make Auburn Known as a Strong Running Community!
I have plans this Year to become Certified as level 1 Track & Field Coach so I can start "officially" coaching people to run- although, I already do and have lots of basic knowledge in Wellness Management, Sports Nutrition, Coach Management as these are Classes I took in College.

I want to Keep Expanding this Blog and CCRG on Facebook so I can keep giving back- I enjoy it very much and it pushes me and drives me! Maybe one day I'll write a book and so I too can help support my family :)

My Running Goals for 2012:
I have no Yearly Mileage Total- Although I think if I can manage to stay injury free I might be able to run about 1500 miles this year :)
I would to do a sub 4hr Marathon, 1:45 Half Marathon, 22:xx 5k and get in my first official 10k distance. I have also contemplated an ultra an a triathalon, although I'm pretty sure I just love running too much to cycle or swim :) I want to stay injury free- I want to Run Happy :)

My Far Distant Future Running Goals:
Sub 1:40 Half Marathon
Boston Qualify in 2013 in 3:45 min
5k in 20min range
10k in sub 40min

I endured alot to become a Runner and all of this never even spoke to you about what to eat either- or how calorie counting affects you as a runner! That will be in another Blog Post :)


  1. I too found running as a way to get and stay fit. Although I didn't have nearly as much weight to lose on my frame of 5'1"...I was still considered morbidly obese. My husband, a natural runner, never pushed me to do anything -BUT, he was ALWAYS supportive of my efforts. It finally stuck! With 35 pounds gone I ran my first Half Marathon just 7 months after starting. Now, with 45 pounds gone (and the hope to tweak it down just a smidge more) I am planning to return to that same race to run the full 26.2 miles. I'm beginning a FIT Group in my area which will start in May for 8 weeks and consist of walk, walk/run, and running as well as discuss healthy lifestyle changes -to encourage and motivate those who want change. I also reach people through blogging. I just can't imagine my life any other way! Keep up the great work!

  2. Great article for inspiration.

    I'm also a runner and try to get my family to do the same!

    I recommend the resources under, they made me be where I am.

    I'm running my first half marathon in 3 weeks, really looking forward the challenge!

  3. Just found your blog and I am an instant fan! You are such an inspiration! I look forward to following your journey.

  4. I just got started running...the couch to 5k program...two weeks in I sprained my ankle...almost three weeks later you made a comment on one of the posts I was following on C25k...thought I would check your blog out...very inspirational...I can't wait to be healed and start this thing called running again...oh and I am 59 years old...thanks for a great blog...