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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week #2 Holiday Challenge

Hello Friends! Welcome Back to Week #2 and I'm happy to still have you here. I'm reading great triumphant posts in the Holiday Challenge. You Ladies are persevering even some of you that are struggling here and there are finding your way. The drive is seen and I commend you for staying "Your" healthy course! There are no easy ways to change your life. The beauty is in the design of your own individual lives each with very unique and sometimes wildly experiences. Trust that as so long as you keep your heart open and your mind on the right purposeful thing you will do Amazing in all things that you adventure toward!

Quickly I want to re-cap and link you to Week #1 in case you are joining us or missed out on the chance to get all this done!

Week #1 Recap
Record Weight, Measurements, Pictures
Identify BMR, BMI
How to Calorie Count (do's & don'ts and tricks and tips)
How to Prepare Your Pantry

Last week I wanted to keep it simple. I wanted you to get a chance to take a deep look at where you are at. This week let's talk about where you want to go (Identifying Your Purpose & Goal Setting)! Let's talk about what obstacles might hold you back (including Emotional Eating) and tips on how to really "overcome" this for the rest of your life. I want you to learn to what it's going to take for you to let go, move on in your own way. What will work for YOU! Quickly I'll do a Video on the Importance of Hydration for Fitness and Weight Loss and some quick tips on to keep track of your Hydration!

Week #2
I want you to work on checking in daily in the group, declaring with me or someone what you will do that for food & fitness. Make yourself accountable. Learn to open up and be supportive and get support. Often we all think we have to do everything all alone and this is so FAR from the truth. (Most especially Truthful for those that Believe that Our Lord Almighty never forgets us!)
As I build the links I will come back to this page and fill it! The very First Link you can go to today is the Identifying your Purpose!

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