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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Locker 105

I've finally been able to Breathe! I feel like I can finally let go of October and Pray for a Healthy & Positive November with at least a little bit less stress and difficulty. Here was the last 4 weeks of my life!
  • Sept 30th~ I ran Wineglass Marathon
  • October 8th~ Lost my brother in Law
  • October 12th- Funeral & Photographed a wedding
  • October15th- 2 photo shoots
  • October 21st ~ I ran Empire State Marathon
  • October 26th- Lost my Father in Law
  • Started a run streak
  • Started my Faster 5k Training program online
  • Started to work on putting together our 8 week Holiday Challenge and opened it up a little bit earlier
  • Throw in 4 separate family member meltdowns that caused lots of personal stress and even trauma for me I had some serious emotions to deal with.
  • Created a Home Photography studio in an unfinished basement area. So after painted walls, new floors and ceiling, lighting and electrical, heat etc my Studio is UP!
  • Trunk or Treat at the Church and have gone to all Sunday Services or Night Worships

Then Entire Month of October I was with my Amazing Husband & Kids. My husband on bereavement and then Vacation I spent the whole month with no time alone.
Needless to say my Husband just went back to work done with his vacation on Friday. I love my Family with all my heart but all people deserve to have some alone time that does not include modest run days. I need more time to do "everything" that is not just about the family, my kids or for other people.

So I was eager! Day #1 I would head to the gym but then I followed it up with about another 10 hrs of  worth of stuff that needed to get done (I'm seriously always busy~ I have not watched TV in weeks, I have not done any meditating, lounging, relaxing ~ nothing extra for over a month) when I got to the gym Locker 105 Greeted me! My Faithful Gym locker! I've been using locker 105 for years and it's not mine but I love to use it. Each time I open the door to stuff my gear in I give Thanks to myself for sticking to my routine. Thankful for being able to work-out and giving thanks to my routine.

I need routine. I need REST. I need an open mind and clear heart so I can pray and stay focused. I've declared my vision and goals and I feel I need clarity so I can keep working toward my Dreams. Great Thing I'm so Driven but I find so much more now the ability to sustain it all because I have God on my side!

I learned in October all the classes were Full for November and I'm working quickly to get set up for January for College, getting my acceptance letter was Nice (all be it expected)

My Studio is exciting. This space is ALL MINE. I'm nervous and blown away at this space I'm creating. With so Much credit to my Amazing husband for all his hard work & money! Although my wedding money was sure nice to help out a little!  Not only will this space serve as an indoor photography work space but it's also a place where I will expand my Coaching. I'll be working on getting my business license before the end of the year for CCRG and then begin to carry liability insurance once I officially open. What I'll be doing before I open up is getting my certification to become a personal trainer and continue working on my program. My Community Services will Include all Areas of Transforming the Mind/Body/Soul. One on One, in their home even! Taking my clients grocery shopping, out running, doing personal training in their home and teaching them everything they need to know in the first 3 months to transform their lives for good! I'm so excited! there are not many Places out there will come to your home and help re-shape how you think, move and eat! I'll be networking with all my resources for my clients as well for extra nutritional support, chiropractic care etc. My Studio is my office and my work space! Meet with clients there and train them and talk to them there! 

So this is my Personal check in with you all~ So when you see that I'm not always around that I'm busy living my chaotic & Amazing & Blessed Life! I value you all for being here with me, giving me a safe place to come talk, my non judgement free zone!

I want to start blogging more but I'm apprehensive and I shouldnt' be but what I'll try to do is share with you what I eat and maybe more pics again! Not giving you my quantity of calories or tell you my exact calorie count because we are all created different! But my ideas can help you in your journey so I hope I can inspire you.

what I hope to share from all this too as you can see I've been through a really traumatic month and I managed to maintain my weight. I even ran very little between the two marathons (OMG_ a sad 21 miles in two weeks) but it shows I can adjust my life as needed and I can manage through with success. Maintaining does not need to be difficult if I stick to the principles I learned when I lost and that is moderate my food intake, eat healthy & energetic foods and stay busy!

I'm overflowing though so I'm declaring Sunday 11/4/2012 my Entire Day of Rest. God Rested on the Seventh Day and I feel compelled to follow that lead as well today!

I hope you all are hitting your goals, I see from my blog that the posts are not getting read~ got to love technology so feel free to get in there, learn your BMI, BMR and how to set yourself up for success! How to Eat Clean & how to Calorie Count!

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  1. Sounds like October was a tough month. I too rely on routine and stability and well I fell back on to letting everyone else come first. Struggling to get back on track. I haven't got a whole lot done today but that's ok I'm starting fresh tomorrow. Love the Facebook group you created b