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Friday, November 30, 2012

Do you need Supplements for Weight Loss & Running

Do you need Supplements for Weight Loss & Running?

If you are generally healthy and eat a wide variety of foods as apart of a well-balance diet it's unlikely that you would need a supplement. A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy, whole grains, legumes, lean meats and fish. and healthy mono/poly saturated fats.

If you eliminate whole food groups (vegans or vegetarians), pregnant or planning to become pregnant, over the age of 50 you may want to consider taking a supplement to help support your dietary needs and this is why there are dietitians out there!!

I'm often asked If I took anything in my weight loss journey. The answer is no.  I needed to see if I could be healthy and still lose weight. I wanted to ensure that I could eat and gain all my nutrients through food. Being diligent with nutritious foods kept my focus without any desire to lean on supplementation and I still feel the same way about my food and it's nutritional value.

I'm often asked if I take anything now that I've been maintaining and my Answer is Absolutely Yes and here is what I take *on occasions*

  • on a day when I've accidentally eaten less than 1200 calories due to sickness I might take a multi-vitamin
  • Vitamin C to prevent sickness - most especially as I peak in intense training periods. I usually take 1,000mg every other day for two weeks in peak training to help prevent sickness or perhaps I'll take one if a family member has become ill
  • Vitamin B Super Complex just before/after an endurance run (anything more than a half marathon distance) B Vitamins are known to support the production of energy in your cells, but the benefits don’t stop there. They have also been linked to the immune and nervous systems, as well as healthy muscle, skin, blood cells, and more.
  • Fish oil (controversial at times as to the true effectiveness of the pill vs eating fish) as to aid in reducing body inflammation before/after long run days
  • Cinnamon- if I eat a meal that is high in carbohydrates I will take Cinnamon as it's known to help promote stable glucose levels.
  • Protein- I believe in protein supplements as a great option for those that are on reduced calorie diets and running/weight lifting to ensure proper torn muscle repair. I do not believe in any form of health benefit from whey protein and definitely do not promote using soy protein. For greatest health purposes I believe in active enzyme type proteins like all pea and vegan proteins as well as hemp protein. These will actually be be permeated into your digestive system and not cause Whey bloat and do not have estrogen based properties like soy.

I just want people to know that you do NOT need to buy into the Supplement Industry. I know I don't need to take any supplements and I can live very healthy without anything. It's not at all that often that I do supplement and know if I do I use verified supplements and only taken upon planned thought on rare occasions. Nothing that I take costs more than a few cents either.

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