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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Dress for Cold Weather Running

I know all about Cold Weather Running Living in Central New York!

I train as much as I can outside in the winter; my first winter Running I spent a lot of miles inside (I was still a wuss!) LOL

Enjoy the Beauty of our Winters & Cold. Few & Far between when they can be this Pretty!



We Ran a Half in a Blizzard and WOW~ What A Warrior Memory!

So Lets Talk about GEAR!!!
What to Wear Head to toe!

Head: Fleece Hat, head wrap, or Ninja Mask (the Head mask is GREAT for those with asthma and very sensitive lungs to the cold, you breath through a neoprene fabric and it will warm the air before you breath and will help keep you out there longer!

Body: Triple Layers for anything below Freezing
Wicking base layer (pulls sweat away from your skin)
Warm Layer (trap moisture, adds layer for warmth
Outer Protection Layer (keeps your middle layer dry from Elements) cuts the wind

Thermal Compression Pants
Outer Protection Layer (keeps the compression thermal base layer dry) Cuts the wind

Gloves: Two pair in Deep freeze- neoprene thin and fleece outer protection glove

Cold Gear Socks- Wicks the water away from the foot
Smart Wool- Keeps your feet Warm & dry
Goretex Running Shoes- the protective shoe keeps your feet dry in wet rain/slush/snow
(plastic bags) you can place your socked foot in a plastic shopping bag and then put in running shoe to keep your feet dry & warm! (trust me it works!)

Ghost 4 GTX just $78.98 with BrooksRunning! RunHappy!

Screw Shoes-
Yak Tracks-

Tips for my Thrifty!
  • Shop Outlet Malls for Greater Discounts
  • If you are Military or Law Enforcement ask them if they take discounts
  • Shop Liquidation stores  like "Marshalls" for discounted gear
  • Shop Thrift stores for gently used gear
  • check E-bay or your local craigslist
  • Don't freak out when you are investing in your expensive Running Gear it will keep for YEARS! 
  • Don't get caught up int he notion that you 'have' to use stereotypical running jackets (they are so expensive!! upwards of 200-300 hundred dollars) I use a Cold Gear Under Armour wind/rain proof Hoody with a base layer and Love it! $65!
  • I use not so fancy wool socks from the hunting section at Wal-mart ;-p  yep, so sexy but they work!
Tips for my Bigger RunnerGirls
I can really value and understand the deep desire to not purchase high quality running clothing when you know that you are working toward outgrowing them quickly in your journey. So here are some quick tips to help you and keep you warm without huge investments. Go with at least a great base layer and use a large hoody as an outer layer. Use inexpensive thermal layer for pants with a pair of sweats as an outer layer. 



  1. Nice post! I love cold weather running as well..I usually can get away with shorts and a thermal tank until about 30 degrees! I hate running in pants but running tights are essential if it gets much lower than that.

    It's nice to hear the off brand stuff works just about as well. I paid almost $80 for some nike thermal pants last year...I love them, but would like to own another pair or two without breaking the bank. I need to remember to do cold gear shopping once the winter season is over!

  2. Love cold weather running, as well. I have invested in many quality pieces from Fleet Feet Mahwah and they are terrific. Shopping at the end-of-the-season sales helps keep costs down. I have picked up some pieces from the Nike outlet, Kohls, and Target to supplement.