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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letting Go & Moving Forward

Letting Go & Moving Forward. ....... → ........ yet sometimes we back track ......←...... then other times we stand idle.....↨......

As woman we are built as often highly emotional, incredibly complex and we try to organize our thoughts, analyze or feelings. Or maybe that's just me. I've written a hundred times here on this blog about letting go and moving on. It's the freakin' story of my life!

So what's this time so different? When you back peddle out of curiosity, when you challenge a thought/feeling and see if you've changed .....have you?  I do that and I freakin' hate when I fail. Just when I think I've moved on, let go I test myself to see my growth, to see if I've learned my lessons. I apparently have yet to fully let go and move on. God you built me this way and it's a beautiful gift to have such deep raw emotion but it hurts really bad when they feelings are not clean, pure and good for me.

And before I pray can I just say it freaking sucks that people can try to destroy my life and they move on like it's no big freakin' deal! sucks, hurts, painful truth .......eating me up tonight!

Please Pray with me ♥

Dear God, help me to let go fully and move on. Please remove all those that have ever spent time in my heart that don't deserve to be there and make them be gone forever. Let them toil in their continued transgressions and release me of mine. I've worked hard to move forward and lead my life in your Great Glory, to make you proud of me. I ask that you help me Dear Lord to keep focus on whats most important and I ask that you lay your hands upon my heart and remove these feelings that backtrack my progression toward you & your purpose for me. Love You, Amen.

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