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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Increase & Track Your Water for Weight Loss & Performance

How to Track & Increase Your Water for Weight Loss & Athletic Performance

  • Add Lemon
  • Filter your water it will taste better
  • Use a Water Bottle that is Fun to Look at & use 
  • Tape Mantras to your Water Bottle to keep you drinking
  • Set water next to your bed
  • keep a water glass on hand next to your sink/stove and drink a full 8oz just before any meal (helps you keep full longer)
  • drink 16 oz just before bed
  •  Keep water in your car/work/school
  • Drink water at least 30min before you run, during your run and after (for every pound of water weight you lose during cardiovascular activity you should drink 20 oz to replenish and flush oxidants & toxins from your body)
  • Make sure you go BPA Free and go one better and stop using disposable water bottles that DO break down and aim for aluminum bottles!
  • Don't ever drink stagnant water that has been sitting in old water bottles for too long; why risk the unknown leaching of any chemical into your water bottle. Want to purify our body not toxify it!
  • Create a schedule for yourself that you can work with everyday of your life~ that is find your own water schedule.
  • Avoid Soda pop but aim for high hydrated fruits, teas, coffee to aid in hydration

Tips to Track

Take a Rubber Band and wrap one around each bottle of water you drink!
Find and APP to help with that!

CCRG Michelle shared this with me when she was preparing for her Race and because she works and is very busy she tracked her water by time!

Water Bottles that track & time you....WOW! COOL!

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  1. OOH! I love the HydraCoach idea:)..Maybe a present for Christmas..I will have to hint around..LOL