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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goal Setting for Weight Loss & Running

I am going to Coach you to Identify Your Ultimate Goals! What is Your Big Picture and where do you want to go in your life? I talked a little about your ultimate purpose in life and I coached you to find out where you are with your BMI. We identified your BMR and spent a while going over Calorie Counting Tips, Do's & Don'ts!  Now we need to form the BIG picture! Where do you want your health, body and spirit to be in the next month, 6 months and years ahead? Ultimately I think we all want the same things which include a healthy body reflective in looks of how hard we work, an acceptance of our body that leaves us content to put deep focus on other areas in our life. We want healthy body's for a long and Vivacious Life!

Now lets work together to set some formal goals. Goal setting is a powerful way to motivate yourself turning your visions into reality. We will identify precisely what you want to achieve and where to concentrate your efforts (in doing so we also identify the 'distractions' that keep us from cycling with goal failures). I am really excited for you and what I hope you find is the self confidence that comes from hitting your goals.

Let's time time to brainstorm. We are all here for the same Purpose and maybe we can even identify even greater life goals but for the sake of this Blog/Page/Journey lets stick to health & fitness & spirituality.

Now that you have "Life Goals" lets break that down into smaller goals. Take your Lifetime Goals down into a 3-5 year plan.  Then a One Year Plan. Then a One Month Plan. Then a One Week Plan. Then daily Plan.

For example:
Lifetime Goal: Get to & Maintain a Healthy Body Weight
3-5 year plan: Lose 150lbs and learn to maintain
Year Plan- Lose as much weight as I can, learn to how to control my food, learn to get more active, increase my self esteem
Monthly Plan- Calorie Count./ Portion Control my Food. Increase my Physical Activity, work through my emotional eating
Weekly Plan- Work-out xx times per week, stick to healthy eating every day of the week, plan my indulgent meal/snack for the week, increase my support system, write goal cards
Daily Plan (Your Daily to Do list) - access supports, identify food triggers, identify why I eat emotionally, work on increasing my self esteem with daily positive mantras. Record my food & water. Work-out and stick to portion control/calorie count. Take time to rest when I'm stressed. Get extra sleep tonight.
Rules & Tips:
  • Upgrade your Daily Plan every day! Periodically review your weekly/monthly goals and trim down the unimportant and upgrade your goals as life changes.
  • Make sure your goals are set in a positive spin~ Be kind to yourself this is supposed to be motivating. Try to avoid the words like "stop/don't" and instead use words like "control, I will"
  • write them down in a index cards and write down your daily or weekly goals and keep them on hand. read them daily, keep it attached to your trigger points in your home/work/car. A place to remind you of your goals
  • along with your goals I want you to write down why you are doing this and how you might work through any obstacles. these will be your coping skills.
  • make sure your daily goals are attainable and take humbling pride for accomplishing your goal each and everyday! come and celebrate with me or the support network on the CCRG Facebook page or group!
  • set performance goals not outcome goals: what I mean is that I don't want you to expect your day to be perfect and that means that you can set a calorie goal for yourself for the day but you allow the performance to be not that you hit that calorie count but that you tried, that you wanted to, that you worked through temptations and you coped with the stresses that either put you under or over and you look at how you handled your day (we are keeping this not on calories but your mental fortitude & growth!)
  • Enjoy & Celebrate achieving your goals (not with food ;-) but with great thought, with sharing, with a special purchase, a new outfit, a massage.
  • Once you have achieved your goals then it's time re-evaluate! Keep setting the goals to keep growing & learning!

Here is my Example: I like to write daily list for myself and here is my Weekly List. Don't mind my scribble; it's for me ;-p  But this is my weekly Goals for Food & Fitness & Faith!
At the bottom are mantras to help me keep on track. This is posted on my fridge and they help me! My daily lists help even more! I write down what I eat, what I'll be doing and I cross off my list throughout my day!

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  1. What an awesome post! I have wrote yearly goals down but rarely ever accomplish any. I think a lot has to do with I set them to high and fall off track and then give up. I have a hard time counting calories because I want to end up with lowest amount or a negative number after factoring workouts in. Goes back to my days of eating disorders and it starts that ugly cycle all over again. I need to try and figure out some daily weekly and long term goals and find a way to stick with them the healthy way.