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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k

Wayne Mason & Family held their traditional Thanksgiving Day Run. They raised well over 1,000 dollars for Warm the Kids in our Community and the run was free but we all show up, donate some money, meet up with friends and enjoy some refreshments!
This is What a Community Can Do ~ what a Beautiful thing!

I'm sick this week with an onset of a cold, all 3 my kids had it. I started to get it, started to beat it and with an onset of stress...BAM it came back to bite me big time!  It slipped quickly into my upper bronchial tubes and it was phlegm city from there out. (consequently spending 3 days under the weather in a big way)


My Husband had to work but he was with us in Spirit as the Sun shined Brightly!

Bundled Up the kiddos as it was a little crispy! But I was feeling mighty blessed for Sunshine and blue Skys on this Most Amazing Day :)

The first Mile the 3 kids did run/walk and even Austyn & Allyssa did run/walk/ride!  After the first mile Mommy said "Kiddos either run or ride" cause I really wanted to sweat and breath deeply a little bit and they were content!

Whitney is training for her first 5k and she was sick for ten days and she should of been up to 2 miles by now but today was going to push her into saying "Mommy, I don't think I want to train for and run a 5k anymore"  Can You Blame the 7 year old! it's training and it's hard but I told her nothing and let her ride for a bit. I love her, I don't want to push her I want her to enjoy herself. After she rode for a couple minutes she was back out and running and I can say she likely ran/walked almost 95% of the 5k and for that I'm proud!  So was she when we were done! it really was her first 5k!

To My Ultimate Surprise Both Austyn & Ally ran about 65-70% of the course! It was VERY Hilly but Ally's Preemie Lungs held up just GREAT!


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