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Friday, January 31, 2014

Comparison Thinking

For what was glorious has no glory now in comparison with the surpassing glory.
(2 Corinthians 3:10)

For who you were yesterday has nothing to do with who you are comparison with surpassing glory of where you are going!

Comparison thinking can lead many (including myself!!) into potential treacherous territory.  It's an evoking emotion to reflect on where you were then in comparison to where you are today. We smile at the advancements and yet focus more on the shudders and cringes of our setbacks. The mirror becomes a place to stand before ourselves and ask "is this acceptable?"  Is this what I want the world to see, is this what the world expects? Is this who I know I am, or could be?

The mind and heart engage in battle. We try to stick up for ourselves and think of the all the ways we have succeeded.  We compare the past to our present life use as a gauge of how well we are doing. We let the beautiful moment flee before us because our minds trap us into the past.

Are you struggling with physical health setbacks, on slower run/race times, lower running mileage, lower fitness levels, loss of strength/endurance/muscle, If you put on 5/10/15/20+  pounds etc?

The great news is that you can stop sabotaging your heart and mindful thoughts on living in the past on who you once were! Give yourself a break! We are evolving and that includes our heart, mind and thoughts too! No matter our setbacks and the glory of where you were, you should be finding glory in your present place. Time to re-establish healthy thoughts into self! Like you work your body, work your mind! Transform your thinking and stop reflecting on a measure of what once 'was' and start doing your best today!

The even greater news is that where you were then to now is Nothing compared to the surpassing glory of where you'll find yourself in the future. As a surviving and fighting people, we generally don't digress through life!

What Hope! What Redemption! What Power! What Faith! What Belief! We should always see ourselves the way God sees us! He's not looking at life the way you are, he truly sees the big picture, the perfect will for you life and how he is unfolding that perfection for you.

Through the pain, trials and tiniest and largest of setbacks I fully TRUST that we are being Refined! No matter if our perceptions don't line up for ourselves that in some way that they are lining up for God.  That surpassing Glory is the HOPE! We take Faith in the Journey! We believe that it's not all for nothing!

Besides what are we doing it all for anyways? In the end.....what will matter is what you stood for, what meant the most to you, greater than works, greater than power of self, greater than the power of the world, greater than the power of self worth!  I was sucked into this song yesterday as I ran and I can't help but keep listening to it ....over....and over....and over again!

What are we really sacrificing for? What are you willing to waste? On HIM! For HIM! He is Worthy!

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