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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soul Mate Vs. Spiritual Mate

  1. Spiritual Mate Vs. Soul Mate - When two souls connect they feel a connection through the physical sense. They adore and become moved by the other persons beauty. Soul Mates in fact enjoy everything about the other person from inner beauty characteristics as well as external. Soul mates feel a connection inside the world. They insist on a lasting relationship through the duration of this life here on Earth. The version of soul mates has become watered down and is often over used. With the increase in divorce rates as well as short lived relationships often based upon superficial instant physical attractions we can easily see that fact to be true. A spiritual mate is almost identical to the qualities of soul mates however, it runs deeper than that. It's a divine connection. Instead of it being something that man/woman brought together, it's a connection that was warranted to happen through divine interventions and happenings. I watched a movie many years ago called Serendipity and it really speaks to the heart of divine interventions. What was meant to be is! What wasn't will never be. What we force to happen often because easily identifiable through rough relations . Instead of bumps in the road in staying connected as Spiritual/Soul mates often the road on the relationships that shouldn't have been are volcanic with major catastrophic eruptions. With a distorted view of loyalty or a deep desire to be loved a mate endures to the point of self destruction. A spiritual mate runs deeper because it's sacred. Sacred is a form of consecration which is to maintain purity through holiness. Spiritual mates pray together, worship together. Spiritual mates keep to the commands of the Lord to avoid pornography, sexual immortality, take submission to each other, they keeps eyes only for their mate. Perhaps the marriages that you see that are so successful are in fact Spiritual Mates or sometimes even soul mates. There is beauty in both, but One is certainly divine and sacred. I would offer the theory that for those that believe they are married to their soul mates, do you feel they may instead be a Spiritual Mate? Do either of you Know Jesus? Perhaps if you don't, you could search within yourself and challenge yourself to think "Is our Relationship Divine?" What is meant to happen? Is it protected and so sacred to God and yet you don't acknowledge his protection over you both? Taking the leap of Faith to believe that your marriage is much more than you'll ever realize will move mountain in your own life but together could move mountains for the Lord and his Kingdom! Come together through acceptance of your Divine Relationship and Pray, Worship and Love a Holy & Pleasing Life. The Lord promises that your reward are great. Freedom, deeper expression of love and commitment to one another. A Three cord strand is not easily broken! Remember it's easy to let someone else tantalize you with beautiful thoughts and sayings about your beauty and steal you away but Jesus said "Let no man separate what God has brought together!" It's these sorts of commands that add eternal values! ~ God Bless

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