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Sunday, January 12, 2014

God is Our Goodness, Not Our Appearance

God is our Only Source of Goodness; not our appearance. Don't live a healthy and fit life because you idolize your body and the attention you receive from it! Instead idolize God who lives inside your body, making HIM the reason why you honor what he has given you by taking great care of it! Hardest struggle has a person that has transformed their life from unhealthy to healthy is to recognize that our bodies are not trash cans, they are not meant to be treated so poorly. Drinking Soda, abundance of chemicals and artificial colors and flavors is not something you should do as a normal diet. Instead embrace the foods that are divinely provided by God himself, in their natural state! Our Great Designer made our body's amazing and we as a degenerative humanity treat ourselves like we can withstand all! Even though God provides divine health we must do our part to walk in good health by tending to our bodies, absent of bad eating patterns, impulsive and binge eating, dehydration and eating abundance of man made foods/chemicals/preservatives/herbicides/pesticides/genetically modified! On the opposite side there are certain causes for celebration and feasting and having occasional foods off the normal healthy intake are not going to harm you. Don't make your lifestyle an obsession or take priority of what is most important! It's not the number on the scale, it's not how many miles you ran or how fast (trust me, these numbers change and the importance of them wane back and forth) it's greater than all of this. Who you are is not in appearance, not in looks, not in accomplishments but in Christ Alone! If you remove the numbers and remove the sharing of what you have accomplished as a measuring tool, what would you have left? Challenge Yourself to that thought! What if all you are and all that you do is simply "Being IN him alone" is that Not enough?

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