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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mirror the Clouds

A Word spoken to me from the Lord Today! "Mirror the Clouds"
 In a time when theology winds can rock a Christians foundation all they have to do is LOOK UP! We keep our eyes on Jesus and Look to the Heavens for our answer. God spoke so gently when he said "Mirror the Clouds" When I do, What do I see? Heaven on Earth! Amen! Jesus, Thank You for bringing back mankind back to the Father! His Will for his Children are the same on Earth as it is in heaven! An enemy could never deceive like this....must be REAL! God is So Real! His Kingdom exists and we don't have the spiritual eyes to see it but it's right there and they get to see us! Imagine the world above us...perfect....divine...and God so desperately wanted it to be just like Heaven! Through Jesus we get to experience that first hand! I pray for your eyes and ears to be OPEN in the Name of Our Lord Jesus~ Amen!

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