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Monday, January 20, 2014

Is God making your life hard?

Be Wise and Inward enough to know who has created the storm in your life! Discern who/what has provided the storm! Is it a storm brought on by God to rid you of Sin? Is it a Storm brought on by Satan to distract you and pull you away from God? Is it a storm from the world; we live in a fallen world with lots of fallen people who create hardships because of their sin? 

Discern the truth!

Hail storms brought on by God are washing away the refuge in your life to bring you back toward him. What God is doing is annulling your covenant with the devil that gives you death and he is getting rid of the promise of the grave by putting you through trial that brings you down to your knees in repentance.

The hail storm will beat you up day after day providing you with sheer terror. Nothing will give you comfort! The Lord is is trying to get you to see that living your way only makes the chains heavier! Your bondage grows harder to overcome because you refuse to stop your ways and repent!

The Holy Bible, the living and active word of God shows that he can provide the storms but he is doing that so that he can effectively REDEEM You! There is never a storm that he is giving you that is not going to sanctify you in some way! Watch your steps and your pride, for those that think they are on solid foundations will surely sink!

Is Jesus Christ your cornerstone? Jesus is our tested stone, precious cornerstone of sure foundation; the one who trusts HIM will never be dismayed.

(Isaiah 28) 

When you believe, take faith and live in God's ways, you become protected!  God promises that even amidst a storm that is NOT yours he will provide a way for you to be protected. That is the promise of God. As the world rumbles around you and your heart mourns for your neighbors, family or close friends that are being affected by the storm, just trust that you are protected by the storm because your cornerstone is Jesus! That you have turned away from the sinful darkness of the world and live in a state of transformation (repentance, sanctification) . Where you have shed your old life and live in righteous robe of white because of the red blood of the lamb. His blood has redeemed you from the bondage's of death (sin). 

God promises protection for you amidst the storms (Isiah 32:18-20)

18 My people will live in safety, quietly at home.
    They will be at rest.
19 Even if the forest should be destroyed
    and the city torn down,
20 the Lord will greatly bless his people.

You need a close introspect into your relationship with God. God wants nothing more than for you to be in the likeness of him. Is your life in the likeness of him? Free from Lust? Sexual Immorality? Filthy mouth? Lies? Drugs? Alcohol? Envy? Malice? Idolatry? Unforgiveness? Pride? ................

You are called into Holy Living! Not Man made laws, rules but the commands of the Lord! You CAN live a life free from bondage! You actually can live a life without suffering! (Not talking about persecution, we will suffer in persecution for the Lord, but we should be living FREE from all other suffering when we align our hearts, minds with commands of God!) 

 “You like to appear righteous in public, but God knows your hearts. What this world honors is detestable in the sight of God" (Luke 16:15)

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