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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dwell In YOUR Proimse Land!

Moses brought the Israelite out of the Slavery & Bondage they were in! They were so EAGER for freedom but quickly they fell away when they doubted and didn't trust that he would lead them to the Promise Land! Oh how I see that now with the Christians. Jesus has walked us out of Bondage and Slavery. People are so Hungry to be saved and eager for their Promise land! They let Jesus take them out of slavery, But they start doubt and won't trust. If they kept their heart on God they would have gone to the promised land quickly, but because of their doubt they wandered for forty years! How many of you are wandering with Christ? Because you won't trust him! Because you won't take what he is trying to give you? Not just Salvation! Oh No! Much More than that! God was not just freeing them from Slavery, like Jesus is not just promising you Salvation! He was going to give them Land to farm, own and build solid foundations on! He was going to feed them milk and honey!! Give them flocks! He was there in Spirit to commune with them! No matter their doubt much like yours, he still provided water and manna! Today Jesus still promises you Salvation for just being with him! Do you want more of What Jesus wants to give you? There is More! Freedom and Salvation Now! No more bondage! No more sadness, no more loneliness, no more addiction, no more worry! He provides you joy, peace and pours blessings upon you! The cloud was with the Israelites and cloud was spirit (God) and We have that same spirit IN us when we believe, ask for it and that Spirit (God) wants to manifest, build up for yourself and for HIM all the Greatness he has planned for you! Are you acting like a stubborn Israelite wandering in doubt? When you Let Jesus bring you to the promise land? Place the doubts aside and claim what he is freely given you. Don't shy away in fear! Sometimes it's really scary when we have to let go of OUR WILL to Submit to His! His Blood is more than Atonement!

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