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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Salvation Comes Through Repentance

Salvation comes through Repentance! No one wants to look in the mirror and make the confession! I think it's easier to simply say "I believe in Jesus Christ" and then be saved, but it was never about Just believing was about rectifying the Fall of man because of the disease that wages in all of us and that disease of the soul is our sinful nature. When we confess in Jesus we are claiming he is the Son of God and able to wash those sins away! Now here is the forgetful part, it does NOT stop there! We are to align ourselves with the word and the commandments of the bible, in doing so we sanctify ourselves, we consecrate ourselves and we walk in God's Light! The power to do all things comes through Christ, but we MUST walk in the obedience! We do it ourselves because he gives us the strength to get out of the boat and walk upon the waters! Even stormy waters! We are washed, robed and crowned but we will fall and stumble from time to time after all we still live in the world and still in human nature, so we must live in the spirit and recognize our sins and repent continually so that we may continue to transform our minds. Hyper Grace is keeping Christians out of the Kingdom! Don't think that because you are saved once, have Faith that you can continue to live out of the obedience of the one who has saved you. It's not the law of man that we must follow but the laws of God! We strive to be Holy because we are made in the image and likeness of the Heavenly Father; he is ALL HOLY, so therefore we must also strive to be the same way! When you look in the mirror do you see Jesus? Don't let Satan alter your perception! Look at your heart, look at the walk of your life, look at your relationship with Abba Father and determine where you are and keep working toward knowing him more and more and learning who you are IN him!

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