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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Resolution Check up - Focus Super Woman

Happy February! 

Is it just me or did 31 days of January .....FLY AWAY....from us!!
A time to reflect on the past 31 days of January when so many of you made New Year Resolutions toward healthier living. I would love to hear all about what you were able to concretely take hold of while in January. What inner changes did you make? What self discoveries were made? What were some of your obstacles? I would love for you all to take a moment and celebrate together and share your stories!

The best part of daily, weekly and monthly reflections is create new plans, create new strategy's that will help us in the journey. My greatest saying is "There is no point repeatedly doing what does not work." It's simple really, if it's not working for you the move on. I think the industry had fed us lies that we need to conform to one pattern to achieve the results. I'm not a fan of fad dieting and that is not what I allude to. I am talking about numbers. If you are counting calories then don't get head strung on what is working for someone else and not for you. Our bodies are our own and so very unique. Remember there are so many factors to metabolism and I've talked a lot about that in the past.

Some Random easy reminders for February to kick it up a Notch!
  • sleep- at least 7 hours 
  • water- at least 80 oz if you are working out (make sure you track!) 
  • stress (we have do you handle it?) Rest, meditate, pray, hot bath, vacation *yes please ;-) 
  • Hormones- Be kind to yourself! Hormones are large factors as to why you may not be losing weight. If you think your hormones are 'off' then make a doctors appointment, it could even by your thyroid or even insulin resistance! Winter is a great time to get those annual physicals in! Even mine is scheduled! 
  • Quality of food - more natural foods and less processed foods
  • Carb/Protein/Fat Ratio- are you eating too much sugar? Not enough protein? (4o% carbs, 30% protein, 30% healthy fats) are typical and valuable ways to eat and feel energy for your work-outs. 
Get Motivated!
  • Mix it up! Do something 'new' in February; a new program to follow (kickboxing, swimming, martial arts, yoga, pilates, running, more walking) 
  • Join a 30 day challenge. There is an easy hundred places on the internet to find some coach putting on a challenge of some sorts! 
  • Get a new support network! Join a new meeting network. Contact a personal trainer just for the month to teach you some new moves. Find an accountability partner! Start to journal, start a blog! Join fitness groups and online support groups ( 
  • Start tracking what you eat ( and I know there are many more out there now! 
  • Download some new apps! There are great apps to help you track water, mileage, work-outs, food, etc
Focus Super Woman!
You are not going to be able to do "everything" all at once. I know you want to, but this journey is always about taking small steps. What you can do today which is more and better than yesterday! We don't get to where we are going by sprinting, that cramps our muscles and exhausts us! We should be taking a slower pace while we transform ourselves.  I want you to focus on small things. For example revamp one meal a day till you have found that you have secured a good healthy habit/routine that for that meal. Then focus on two meals a day. Then 3 and then gain more control of your snacking. This all or nothing attitude is dangerous and not doing you any good! It causes your metabolism more harm and your heart and mind! Same concept when it comes to working out. If waking up at 6am is not working for then stop trying to do it! Instead pack a gym bag or your sneakers and do your work-out just as soon as you get out of work! Small steps also means that should aim for small increases your fitness work. If you are starting from nothing then it's ok to make goals of working out just 3x a week. If you are working out 3x weekly then going to to 4-5x a week is very healthy, practical and achievable goals.

Remember one last thing, Moderate and don't forget to "live" and that includes a rest day and a enjoying and off meal/snack at least once a week! Remember those too are in moderation!

Blessings to you and your Journey in February!


  1. HI! I found your blog about a year ago and you really inspired me to start running. I wanted to share your blog with some girlfriends that are also getting ready to get into shape but the link is broken. It was the post Are You Ready to Learn to Run? *tips on how to get started* Is there anyway you can repost that? Id really appreciate it because I know it can change lives. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks for asking, I didn't have this linked to my pages, I'm doing that now so Thank You! Here is the Link for you, Thanks so much for sharing and I pray this helps others!