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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Post Easter 3 Day Detox and Fitness Plan

CCRG's Detox Plan  might be enough for some of you. After a Gluttonous spree after we celebrate Easter there comes a deep need to burn of the calories you ate and to rid your body of the excess sodium and toxins you consumed if you ate abundantly or unclean. 

My Juicing Recipes
Take Liberty to add any Berry to your drinks, they are great detoxifiers

My Home-Made Green Shake Recipe
Use All/Any Fresh Greens for your shake, eliminate Pb if you want to cut back on calories

Eating Rules
Eliminate Free Sugar
Reduce Dairy
Cut Refined Sugar/Carbs
Eat Raw, Natural Foods only (nothing processed)
No Soda
Don't use any Fat except Nut Fat/Olive Oil/Avocado (These are your MUFA'S- Mono-unsaturated-fats)

Day #1
Breakfast - Healthy Home-made  Shake, 8 oz water
8 oz water
Lunch- Detox  Drink (160z)
8 oz water
Dinner- 4 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast- 1 cup steamed Broccoli - 1/2 cup Cooked Cabbage,  Fresh Apple (16 oz)
16 oz before bed

Day #2 
Same Schedule -New dinner
Dinner- 4 oz Turkey Burger- 8-10 Asparagus spears - 1/2 cup Cooked Cabbage, 1/2 cup Blueberries

Day #3 
Same Schedule- New Dinner
Dinner-  1 Cup Quinoa, 1/2 Avocado, 1/2 cup Cooked cabbage - 1/2 cup Tart Cherries

Other Detox Tips 
Throw out (or donate) extra Candy
Be sure to drink at the minimum of 64 oz of water and as much as 100-120 oz
Take liberty with green teas and other detox teas to help keep flushing your organs
Relax More
Hot Bath
Visit a Sauna
Get a Massage

Fitness Plan- 

Each Day Implement minimum 30 minutes cardio and as much as 60minutes. Try to work-out three days straight to flush out the toxins.  They key to detox fitness is to get into your "Fat burning heart rate" so that you avoid overworking yourself. The method for calculating your heart-rate zones according to Stu is to subtract your age from 180. The fat burning zones are broken down into three stages, at the lowest level of intensity is the warm-up zone, followed by the mostly aerobic pace (MAP) and then the most efficient pace (MEP).  MAP is the zone where the most fat burning takes place and it is within this zone that you should concentrate your efforts whilst detoxing in order to give yourself a work-out and to help flush your lymphatic system.

 180 - Exampla Age (25) = 155
MEP Upper Limit = 155
- 10 = 145
MEP Lower Limit = 145

MAP Upper Limit = 145
- 10 = 135
MAP Lower Limit = 135
-10 = 125
Warm-up Zone = 125-135

If you enjoy Yoga now is the time to get into a class and participate! Perhaps you have some Yoga on DVD or even do a quick free video via Free Yoga on Youtube The act of Yoga helps to flush the lymphatic system.

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