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Monday, March 18, 2013

My March Accountabiliy Post

I wanted a place to keep track of intake and output so that I can really focus on getting ready for my covenant ceremony in June! I want to be super slim and trim feeling!  I want to be ready for Vacation time on the Beach! If you want to stalk me and my progress you can :) ***One stipulation - no messages that I'm not eating enough or anything of the sort. Trust me I don't starve. I eat very nutrient dense foods and not a person that starves themselves. I eat when I'm hungry and know my body as I lost 150lbs and know how to maintain. My calorie count is my own :) xx

3/18- 1696 Calories, 7 miles ran
3/19- 1395 Calories, 3.5 miles ran
3/20- 1375 Calories, 2 miles ran & 40min strength training- biceps/triceps
3/21- 1200 Calories, 2 miles ran  then 10 mile cycle with a 1 mile run after
3/22- 2195 Calories, Recovery Day 5min walk,5min run, 5min Elliptical & 20min strength train
3/23- 1200 Calories, INSANITY
3/24- 1850 Calories, 8.5 miles ran
3/25- 1250 Calories, 14 mile ride(45min)35 min strength training-biceps/triceps/shoulders to a
3/26- 1800 Calories, 4.1 miles (8x400's @ 6:58 pace) 100 flights on stair climber (20min)
3/27- 1700 Calories, Rest Day
3/28- 2300 Calories, 4 miles ran
3/29- 1500 Calories, Rest Day (trying to recover from lung infection that started 4 days ago. ugh)
3/30- 1800 Calories, 3.6 miles ran- bronchial spasms
3/31- No Counting- Happy Easter :) Still bronchial inflammation/sputem

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